Alcohol, Capitalism, and Equal Money.

Here I am evaluating the relationship of alcohol with the individual as a participant within the current economic system.
Why does alcohol exist in this world? Why is it widely legal and available while something like marijuana is widely illegal? It does nothing but cause problems. But in the current system where everyone is consumed by the stress of worrying about money constantly, alcohol is provided as the anesthetic to numb you sufficiently after a day of work which has been defined as ‘relaxing’ – when in fact it is not that you are actually relaxed, it is merely a moment of escape, of hiding from the inevitable stress you must return to. It is merely a way to cope with a system that everyone actually knows is abusive, but which is a point that most refuse to face. The ‘numbing’ nature of alcohol, and the fact that it is available to anyone as long as they have reached the legal age, sets the stage for all sorts of abuse and accidents to occur, as there is obviously very little regulation of alcohol as it relates to the the starting point of the person using it — it basically amounts to being refused service at a bar if you are ‘too drunk’. You may be arrested for drinking and driving, but the fact remains that you are ‘free’ to go out on the town, get drunk and then get into your car and run someone over, killing them. And it is not actually the ‘fault’ of the individual in such an instance — it is rather everyone’s fault for allowing and accepting the existence of alcohol as ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ when it is so obvious that it creates nothing but dysfunction. 
And it is our collective ‘fault’ for denying the real reason we want to be allowed to consume alcohol — we say it is because we ‘enjoy it’, while the real reason is that we are actually miserable and are not in fact living, but merely ‘getting by’ and staying entertained until we die. The solution to alcohol related crime and accidents is not ‘more police’ or ‘tougher laws’, or ‘higher drinking age’ — but to eliminate alcohol completely. Anything else is just a sham and justification based in our desire to retain our ‘freedom’ to abuse alcohol through continuing to hide from responsibility and allow the system that provides the alcohol for us to continue creating abuse.

With an Equal Money system alcohol will be abolished as it is simply a tool of self abuse and self denial within self-accepted self-weakness which is the result of having accepted oneself to be nothing but a mere slave to the system and that there is apparently no other way for us to exist. And where this need for a coping mechanism is exploited by corporations as yet another way to make profit and maintain control of money to benefit the few. Consuming alcohol thus supports the current unequal, abusive economic system.

In an Equal Money System, many will probably whine about losing their wine — but then they will quickly realize they are no longer slaves and actually have the freedom to explore living without having to constantly fight for survival and worry about losing what they have. Drunkenness will then finally be see by all for what it really is — a self-abusive, empty experience.

Equal Money will not only eliminate all alcohol-related crime, accidents and deaths, but will be the biggest stress reliever ever introduced in this world.

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  1. I haven't consumed alcohol in over 15 years but I am not sure the equal money system is the answer to eliminating the sale. Legalization of marijuana might work out better in many of your arguements. Lawmakers are not going to give up their cordials at their favorite bar after work.


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