Drunk driving FBI agent kills teen


Here a 37 year old FBI agent is in the process of being charged for killing an 18 year old teen while driving drunk.

Why did this happen?

In the big picture we can see that the real reason is that within our current accepted ‘way of life’ as participants within capitalism – which is where one capitalizes on / profits from another’s need, want or desire – a system of exploitation basically, alcohol is accepted as a ‘normal’ part of life and we believe we should have the ‘freedom’ to get drunk. But then we complain when people get drunk and kill people.

If we were really concerned with stopping unnecessary deaths, we would insist that alcohol be abolished — because that would be best for All. We can thus see that our individual starting points of accepting and allowing alcohol as a ‘normal part of life’, are reflected back to us in the starting point of the system which allows the existence of alcohol. What is the consequence of our accepted and allowed starting point of accepting / believing alcohol to be a ‘normal and necessary part of our lives’? The consequence is that we are all giving permission for all events that take place as a result of the consumption of alcohol.
If we were using Common Sense we would realize that merely repeatedly charging and imprisoning people for alcohol related crimes and manslaughter, while still accepting and allowing alcohol in our world, is completely futile, as we are continuing to give permission for / create alcohol related deaths and crime.

What is also ridiculous is that we ‘trust’ the system to responsibly administer its law enforcement agencies, and to consider the best interests of society, when the members of these law enforcement agencies themselves consume alcohol and participate in the exact same behavior as any other person.

There is clearly no practical Principle being used within our current system as a guide to equate the actual cause of crime and unnecessary deaths, and which is then able to be applied to work out solutions that are best for all, which eliminate the cause of crime and unnecessary deaths. If there was, alcohol would have been eliminated.

But again, that will not be a decision made by anyone currently in a position to make such a decision — because within the current system, people are under too much stress to consider giving up alcohol – they would demand its return — as in the case of prohibition in the early 20th century.

What is required is a NEW system. The Equal Money system will remove the vast majority of stress from people’s lives, thereby eliminating the primary reason people consume alcohol.
What is required is a system that functions according to what is in fact best for all — regardless of personal opinion or preference.

It is obvious that the elimination of alcohol is best for all — because to allow it to exist in our world, is to allow for the existence of ALL alcohol related deaths, ‘accidents’ and conflicts.

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  1. The 'normality' that we attach to alcohol is unacceptable. It seems to divert our attention from seeing the situation with and around alcohol for what it is: We drink poison to escape our own lives and consider it a 'normal', and even a desirable event.

    Where I come from, it is commonly accepted that 'open' social interaction is only possible when drunk, and this is considered 'normal'! In many countries alcohol is an integral part of people's development. We seem to drink through our rites, rituals, jobs, careers, education, celebrations, the 'good times' and the 'bad times'. Yet, because of the 'normality' very few will ever stop to wonder 'who will I be and become if most of the defining moments in my life were experienced under the influence of an intoxicating substance?'.


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