Equal Money Ends Crime

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It is important to look at the amount of resources / time / money in this world is spend on ‘fighting crime’ – when the actual cause of the crime is the money system itself. This shows how within our current economic system we are trapped in endless abuse, endless conflict – and how any proposed ‘solution’ to crime that has heretofore been presented, is merely a strategy to maintain as much ‘order’ as possible while still remaining within the parameters of accepting and defining the current economic system and the ‘fight for survival’ as ‘normal’ — where this never even enters into the consideration of those who are supposed to be ‘leading’ our world and doing what is ‘best for the society’.
What is obvious is that inequality is NOT best for the society, and only causes dysfunction in the behavior of human beings.
With an Equality System — where ones basic needs, effective education, technology, ‘creature comforts’, medical needs are ensured for the rest of one’s life — the primary factors which lead to the development of ‘criminal behavior’ are eliminated, as within an Equal System — there is in essence only one ‘path’ for each – the path of an effective life. 
‘Life paths’ leading to crime are simply part of the circumstances created through a system where the ‘playing field’ is unequal from the beginning — where one in essence must ‘fend for oneself’. When one is born into a ‘disadvantaged’ circumstance – which means there is not much money – one’s survival and a comfortable, well educated, well supported life experience / path is not ensured, and thus becomes a projected goal as something the person desires to ‘achieve’. When one sees others living comfortably and with sufficient support, in contrast with the limited, disadvantaged experience one is currently having, it can easily become overwhelming when faced with the long path of finding a way to make sufficient money to take all the steps necessary to achieving ‘success’ within the system. 
Many will not even consider the practical steps necessary – why? Because they have not been effectively educated from the beginning to actually understand the full scope of how the system works, and they are not given the tools and support to embark on the same ‘path’ that those who are more ‘fortunate’ were given, or which were more easily accessible within their particular geographic / cultural location of birth.
Thus, many end up in a circumstance within which a ‘good life’ seems virtually unattainable. But when one sees that one is able to shortcut the whole process of ‘taking all the necessary steps to achieving success’, by simply stealing money — the temptation is obviously very great. Here we can already see a massive problem with the way money exists in this world, because money is the most valuable resource one can have, and gives one access to all the ‘good things in life’, and yet everyone is in essence ‘on their own’ in the quest for money within our current economic system, and those who already have most of the money have already manipulated the system to their advantage to ensure they remain on top, while offering so-called ‘opportunities’ for ‘lesser people’ to make money. Thus there is always someone who ‘has more’, which leads to extensive comparison and desire formed toward that which one wants and sees others experiencing, but is not immediately able to experience / have for themselves. 
This obviously leads to ‘crime’ in the form of theft, robbery, muggings, break-ins, kidnappings, scams, sex-trafficking, counterfeiting, etc — which is all actually just based in the desire to have enough of the resource of money to be able to achieve more ‘freedom’ in this world.
So, the obvious solution is to make sure that everyone always has what they need, and that everyone has equal access to ‘freedom’ — FROM BIRTH. That way, we eliminate the whole polarity mess of ‘disadvantaged vs. advantaged’, and ‘fortunate vs. unfortunate’ — in that eliminating the point where one would compare one’s ‘limited life’ to another’s ‘free life’ — which is all currently determined by how much money one has.
Give everyone Equal Money, and re-order the system in a way where industry and infrastructure benefits ALL EQUALLY — remove the ability for some to control others through exploiting their needs and wants, Equalize the System and make sure that all parts within the system, all people, are given access to the tools required to live effectively, comfortably from birth to death, and we eliminate the factors which lead to the development of dysfunctional human beings.
An Equal Money System honors everyone’s Equal Right to a Dignified and Enjoyable life experience here on Earth.
http://spotcrime.com/ <—- Here you can see daily crime reports for your area. You will find that virtually all the crimes are theft and robbery.

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