Toddler Raped at SeaWorld

Here is a report of a 26 year old man who raped a 2 year old toddler, when the parents of the child asked the man to watch the child while they went on a ride.

This is an example of the kind of behavior that manifests in this world as a result of human beings becoming completely consumed with their inner, mental reality which is constantly built upon / fueled through continually participating in thoughts, beliefs, fantasies, imagination through which one generates emotions and feelings specific to the information that one is taking in and using to construct ones mental reality / self definitions / personality / perception of others — where ‘who you are’ in essence is nothing but a  mind-entity with the ability to work itself into states of absolute possession with for instance, sexual desire to the point where it takes over completely and then a 2 year old gets raped.

As long as we believe it is our ‘right’ to have our own inner, mental ‘reality’ within which we participate in thoughts, secrets, fantasies, imagination, we give permission for everyone else to participate in exactly the same thing — and obviously this can become quite dangerous as so many end up becoming consumed / possessed to the point of then going out and raping, killing, abusing themselves, other humans, and animals.

The reason Consumerism exists – is that it is showing us that we are all actually consumed with / possessed by our desire to consume and possess things to gratify our accepted and allowed obsessions.

It’s time we started facing the fact that the Principle at work within consumerism, and the principle at work within the example of a child getting raped — is in essence the same.

And one cannot even say that the toddler getting raped is a ‘worse’ manifestation than consumerism — because if we are Self Honest we can see that every day children endure horrific suffering through starvation, child sex slavery, war, child labor — which is all a result of our COLLECTIVE accepted and allowed value systems within the way we perceive and use money, which is the foundation of all the current money systems throughout the world.

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