Promise of Rebirth Ends with Death in Sweat-Lodge Ceremony

“Camp Verde, Arizona (CNN) — Jurors in the trial of self-help guru and speaker James Ray, accused of three counts of manslaughter in a 2009 Arizona sweat lodge ceremony, heard a recording Wednesday in which he previewed the intense ceremony and told participants how it would be a “death and rebirth experience.”
Before the October 2009 ceremony at a retreat center near Sedona, Ray told participants it would include the most “intense heat you’ve every experienced in your life. You will feel like you are going to die.”
The author described the ceremony as a sacred way for participants to rid themselves of “all the things that you’ve allowed to be your truth and have caused you to sell yourself short.”
He promised each would emerge as a “different person.””



Here we have an example of unnecessary deaths occurring as the play-out of a group of human beings’s attempt to find ‘rebirth’ and to ‘rid themselves of all the things they’ve allowed to be their truth’, searching for ‘salvation’ outside of themselves – believing that by exposing themselves to extreme heat, that ‘who they are’ will ‘change’.

This is entirely based on knowledge and information as stories of experiences of ‘native american elders’ participating in ‘sweat lodge’ rituals.

What this type of event is showing us is that within Spirituality the actions of the human are directed by desires shaped by beliefs and stories in the mind based on ideas, knowledge and information that obviously is not assisting or supporting the human being to actually change, or to act within Common Sense or Self Honesty at all, where the human rather becomes enamored with / obsessed with the desire to experience an idea of ‘change’, and tends to believe any story told to them that paints a picture of ‘what one will experience’ if one participates in a particular ‘technique’ or ‘method’. Where, what is being focused on is the desire for a projected outcome based on a belief of what will happen if one ‘does this or that ritual or ceremony’ — in this case resulting in death from heat stroke.
This shows that the humans involved were not equipped with any kind of Self Support Tools to be able to evaluate the information being presented to them to determine whether it would actually support them to participate in the ‘sweat lodge ceremony’. Rather, they allowed themselves to be led by the stories someone told them.

What is missing is Self Honesty and Common Sense. With Self Honesty and Common Sense,  taking Self Responsibility to evaluate / be aware of ones actual Self Starting Point within wanting to, for instance, participate in a ‘sweat lodge’ ceremony to apparently “rid yourself of “all the things that you’ve allowed to be your truth””, one would see that one is in fact wanting to / trying to ‘become something’ / ‘be transformed’ without actually seeing how one came to be Who one currently is.
It was not a sweat lodge that made you who you are in this life – it was you who made you who you are – with the ‘final product’ being the accumulation of who and how you Accepted and Allowed yourself to be and become in every moment of breath since your birth.
The problem is, you did not design yourself / make yourself in Awareness in every Breath according to Principle that actually Supports you — but rather Allowed yourself to be shaped completely through the Influence of knowledge and information, stories, ideas, definitions and beliefs that came from someone / something else — so that you became lost in your mind as thoughts, opinions, assumptions, ideas, memories, reactions, feelings, emotions, fears, desires instead of deciding in every moment Who You Are in Absolute Clarity and Self Honesty and Self Trust and Awareness of Who you Really Are and how you can Assist and Support yourself to Develop yourself in a way that is not only Best for you, but in a way where you become a Being capable of Living Responsibly and giving attention to the Matters at Hand in this World – which is to Take Action to in fact make this World a Place that Supports All Life, instead of a world that consists of human beings as clones of those who went before them, robots of knowledge and information that are directed completely by their minds in self-delusion and self-deception — acting out the stories of Religion and Spirituality passed on from the Past, believing they are doing something profound and apparently ‘becoming something better’ – when in fact they are merely acting completely in Separation of themselves and in separation of Common Sense – resulting in daily unnecessary and absurd events such as these ‘sweat lodge’ deaths.

Time to get some Common Sense, develop Self Honesty and learn how to Assist and Support yourself to stop being a robot of knowledge and information, directed by stories and beliefs, and become a Responsible, Self Honest Being that is capable of identifying what is Real and what is Self Delusion, and who uses your time Here on Earth to take Action within doing what is Best for All Practically, Physically with your own two hands within Real Principled Living that Accumulates in the creation of a World that is Best for All – instead of wasting time running around in new age cults, dying of heat stroke in the search for ‘rebirth’.

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