Natural Disasters and Humanity’s Addiction to God

Whenever a large scale ‘natural disaster’ occurs somewhere in the world — all of a sudden the television and newspapers and internet is saturated with videos, reports, blog posts, vlogs, and pleas for prayers and donations to ‘help the unfortunate victims’ of the earthquake or tsunami or wild fire or tornado or hurricane or mudslide that creates a ‘big scene’ of homes and cars being destroyed and the the landscape / cityscape being dramatically changed or destroyed.
Everyone’s attention and conversation is for a moment directed to / focused on the ‘big event’ — where, all over the world, people will be placing their attention on the same ‘event’ where maybe a few, or a few hundred, or a few thousand people died, and talking about how ‘horrible’ and ‘unfortunate’ the ‘natural disaster was’.
Fascinating how something like ‘natural disasters’ so easily grab people’s attention and generate so much ‘sympathy’ and ‘compassion’ for those who died — whereas something like starvation, which is an event that continually happens every minute of every day, resulting in the deaths of millions every year — simply goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on without anyone caring. 
Might the reason be that because ‘natural disasters’ are called ‘natural’ and are therefore a ‘work of nature’, human beings find it easier to stare and gawk at the ‘big calamity and destruction’ of for instance, large scale tsunamis, and repeat and circulate the videos over and over again on youtube and on television, where, because it’s ‘man vs nature’, and therefore because ‘we didn’t do it, nature did it and thus we are not responsible’, it’s easier to ‘stand together’ and ‘marvel at the destruction wrought by the hand of nature’ — compared with the destruction of life that goes on daily with starvation and poverty?
Human beings seem to want to completely ignore this problem and fascinatingly come up with all kinds of excuses and justifications to not stand together and confront / face this atrocity that we are all in fact aware exists in our world, right now — could this be because, with starvation it is obviously not a case of ‘man vs nature’ — where we all in fact see that we are allowing it to happen, and that it is not necessary to happen – because we all in fact see that we could be living together in equality of support instead of allowing inequality and neglect — but in fact are too afraid and too ashamed to face what we are allowing, and so instantly suppress what we see we are doing unto each other, and ‘sweep it under the rug’ to try and avoid the fact that we are all actually to blame for the atrocity of starvation and poverty, the disaster of starvation and poverty. 
We don’t want to look at the destruction wrought by our own hands / our own as our accepted and allowed ‘way of life’ of ‘man vs. man’ created within and through our accepted division / separation through self interest, thus creating the existence of ‘conflicts of interest’ resulting in massive abuse, violence, negligence and war, and rather say it is ‘just the way things are’, or ‘it is part of god’s plan’, or ‘it’s just nature’, or ‘it is because it’s their own fault’ — all of these points are one and the same as a point of abdication of responsibility to a point that is ‘more than us’ – which is in essence a point of god — and we thus also call natural disasters an  ‘act of god’. 
The human being is addicted to god, because with god there is always someone else to blame – you can always just blame god — but obviously human beings don’t want to admit that they are actually blaming god, they rather cloak their blame and attempt to hide from responsibility, by placing themselves as ‘inferior’ to ‘god’s creation’ — conveniently defining themselves as being ‘powerless’ to change anything of this world.
The consequence of this is that we are allowing a system that reflects our accepted ‘self powerlessness’, within the fact that we have separated ourselves from our own ability to live and support ourselves here on Earth, through placing money as god, as the ‘power’ that we must serve, in hopes of staying on god’s / the money systems’ ‘good side’ so we can continue to ‘earn our support’ through our dedicated self enslavement — which places us in the convenient position of being so occupied with our own survival that we do not consider any other being. Wherein through our accepted self ‘powerlessness’ and abdication of responsibility, we are allowing a system that places everyone in a position of powerlessness from birth within which they suffer, starve and die – unless they are able to access money / god which is the only power currently in this world.
With an Equal Money System we can eliminate the false power we have created and placed in money – giving money power over ourselves so we can continue to convince ourselves that we ‘can’t do anything’ about what exists in this world through using the perpetual justification that ‘I have my own life and survival to worry about’.
With an Equal Money System we Equalize Power within giving everyone Equal Money / Equal Power to live and participate – we Equalize our standing as human beings in this world, to one where we can all Equally see that we are the ones with the power to decide what exists in our world, through how we accept ourselves to live and participate with each other within our world.

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