Gas $4 dollars or more in 6 states – free country? alternative energy? free choice?

People like to see themselves as ‘free’, and living in a ‘free country’. This is quite funny because I was just reading this blog stating that the price of gas is $4 dollars or MORE in 6 states.

I remember years ago when gas was, at the time, ‘only’ around $1.65 a gallon, and there was talk of the price of a gallon potentially going up to $3 dollars. And at the time I said “man, if that happens I’m not going to buy gas, $3 dollars is waaay too expensive!”. Funny because at the time I perceived I was actually ‘free’ to not buy gas if I ‘didn’t want to.

Well, as it turns out, now the average gas price in the United States is well over $3 dollars a gallon and I don’t hesitate to buy it, because I have to, because my car needs gas, and I need to drive around in my car to get places.

Thus time and time again the system proves that human beings do not have a choice about these things – at least not if you want to remain a fully functional citizen that doesn’t have to go out of his way to grow his own organic fuel alternative in his backyard garden or whatever. I mean, one shouldn’t have to do something like that to ‘avoid’ ‘high costs’ of something as basic and necessary as transportation.

It doesn’t matter how expensive gas gets, people still buy it, because they HAVE TO. Because there really practically is not any other choice. The system runs on automobiles fueled by the standard, conventional fuel, the price of which is controlled by massive corporations. There is no ‘getting around that’ — a few million electric cars is not the solution, in fact at the moment ‘alternative’ cars like ‘hybrid’ gas-electric vehicles are merely just another product that car companies use to make a profit, capitalizing on the human being’s desire for a more ‘progressive’ transportation lifestyle. Because after all, at the moment ‘alternative energy’ is just a lifestyle, just a pipe dream — because this system cannot simply ‘stop using oil’ – it doesn’t work that way. This system is built on a foundation of profit as principle, and for people to make profit, they have to capitalize on people’s needs. The people must always be less than what they need in the current system – things like personal transportation are something that you have to ‘work your way up’ to be able to afford. And then you have to make sure you’re making enough money to afford the gas to fuel your personal transportation.

With the Equal Money System it will be great, because the the point that decides what the standard transportation should be, is what is most practical and effective in supporting the human being with transportation. Isn’t that so nice and simple? No profit motive because profit does not exist nor is it required to exist. With Equal Money we can actually choose what we as human beings would like to enhance our lives, choose to produce for ourselves only the very best automobiles fueled by whatever is most practical — not whatever is the most ‘economical’, but what is the most physically practical within considering the resources of the Earth available.

With Equal Money we will never have to deal with gas prices again. Doesn’t that sound like something worth investigating?

With Equal Money there will not be 3 types of fuel at the pump: the ‘good, better, and best’ — no, that is unacceptable. Everywhere you go you will find the best — because, when you remove the added ‘must make profit and have more money than others and have control over shit’ factor, then you have the freedom to perfect whatever it is you are working with – and thus you will have only the best computer for all, only the best car for all, only the best and most practical energy system.

Equal Money is Common Sense that will remove massive amounts of stress currently placed on the Earth through the unnecessary infrastructure that only exists because ‘making profit’ exists.

Equal Money

support yourself financially


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