Education, Productivity, GDP and why Equal Money makes sense

“Fourth graders in 10 of 45 educational jurisdictions around the world who were tested in 2006 scored significantly higher in reading literacy than their counterparts in the United States, including children in Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, parts of Canada, and Hungary. The number of countries that outperform the United States in reading is growing.
The education achievement gap leads to a productivity gap between the United States and other countries. Mckinsey and Company estimates that if U.S students had met the educational achievement levels of higher-performing nations between 1983 and 1998, America’s GDP in 2008 could have been $1.3 trillion to $2.3 trillion higher.
In that sense, the education gap has “created the equivalent of a permanent, deep recession in terms of the gap between actual and potential output in the economy.”, Mckinsey asserts.
U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan puts it this way: “We have to educate our way to a better economy”.

-2010 KIDS COUNT Special Report: Why Reading by the End of Third Grade Matters
Annie E. Casey Foundation
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Now, what is the problem here? The problem is that education is not Equal. The platform of support that a child is born into is not Equally Effective for every child. However, it is Common Sense that it should be. Instead, the development of abilities such as reading and information processing is allowed to be influenced by whatever circumstance the child is brought up in. If the parent came from poverty or a low income family, and themselves never achieved an effective level of productivity in the system, and now brings a child into the system — that child’s learning abilities will be greatly compromised by their lack of exposure to effective familial support in developing the proper skills to handle the school curriculum with ease. The child will likely from an early age develop emotional patterns of resistance to learning, as they will experience school to be difficult, and form ideas and beliefs about themselves that they are ‘not smart enough’. They will likely accept themselves as incapable of succeeding at the level they see other children are succeeding, and this will become more ingrained as the child progresses through school.
By the time the child reaches high school, they will already have, within themselves defined themselves as being of a ‘lower status’ than those who are succeeding, and because at this point the child’s mental and emotional acceptance of themselves as being of a ‘lesser status’ is so well established, it is in most cases ‘too late’ to correct the problem and it is highly unlikely that the child will be able to achieve an effective level of employment and income. They will instead only do that which comes easy, which does not require a high level of intellectual development or information processing. In a Common Sense system, these disadvantages should not mean that you are doomed to a lower quality of Life – that clearly indicates spitefulness and disregard to those who are not able to achieve a higher income. Which shows how in the current system, it is not Life that is valued, not Life that is Honored, but only MONEY.

What is the consequence of this, within our current system? Too few children develop the skills required to succeed in high school and college to be able to go on to become productive, innovative members of the system. Thus, the GDP suffers, as indicated in the above report. But the GDP and ‘struggling economy’ is only an issue in a globally competitive system in which Human Beings are not actually working together, sharing and developing what is here for the betterment and enrichment of all Humanity, but have trapped themselves in the belief that we must have a system based on competing to ‘make profits’, and leaving a person’s education and survival and effectiveness to be potentially compromised simply because the child’s environment may not support effective Human Development, based on the economic background of the parents.
With Equal Education and an Equal Economy — the problem discussed above, will obviously not exist.

The Equal Money System is based on the realization that we have the ability as Human Beings, and the Responsibility as the creators of the current Human Experience on Earth, to support our fellow Human Family Members as they are born into this reality, to develop effectively in the practical skills required to become a productive and well rounded participant in the “Earth Society”.
The Equal Money System is based on the Common Sense realization that it is not acceptable to leave a child’s development to be shaped and influenced and compromised by a circumstance of birth that does not allow for effective development to even take place! There are plenty of statistics and studies showing that when a child comes from a background of poverty and lower income, it usually indicates the parents themselves came from a similar or same background and are not capable of supporting the child to develop effectively in learning ability and other practical skills.

The Equal Money System is based on the realization that we have the ability to implement a New System that Equalizes the ‘playing field’ that a child is born into. Essentially what is implemented is a system that Forgives the Past. For example, if the parent has come from a poor family and never developed their own skills and abilities effectively — the system will not make the child pay for the past of the parent, as it currently does within the example of a child going on to occupy a ‘lower status’ just as the parents do, simply because the parents were not capable of assisting and supporting the child to overcome the limitations that the parent themselves ended up in, and the child became trapped in a mental prison of self belief and acceptance of themselves as being ‘of lesser status’ due to the frustration and difficulty they encountered as a result of ineffective skills development.

The Equal Money System. through establishing an Equal Platform of Education, FORGIVES the past, and facilitates Proper Development of the basic skills and abilities for ALL, and enables the Human to explore its full potential for creativity and innovation. And because in the Equal Money System, one’s survival will never be a worry, one has the time to find out what one is really good at naturally.
In an Equality System, we are giving the best to everyone – an elite education for All. Imagine the ways we can improve Life on Earth and make real progress beyond the old ways, when we FIRSTLY solve the practical problem of insufficient education and practical skills development within Humanity.
Equalizing Money and abolishing the profit motive and the ability to ‘capitalize’ on the need for education, frees us up to give a supreme education to All participants.

We even already have the tools to transcend the limiting emotional patterns and self beliefs that so many Human Beings develop as a result of poor education and dysfunctional upbringing.
As a Destonian, I have already been busy for over 3 years applying these tools and transcending this very self-programming, which has enabled me to rise from the depths of self-conditioned laziness, self defeat, frustration and resistance to learning, to Stand and take Responsibility to improve my education and develop practical skills that have enabled me to become far more effective as a Living, Expressing, Responsible participant of Earth.

Desteni “I” Process is the course designed to give Human Beings the ability to overcome financial and emotional limitation, transcending one’s past and achieving Stability and Effectiveness of Being.

Investigate Desteni “I” Process and join the New Humanity. The Humanity that care for each other.

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