300 people dead is ‘beyond anything’ the President has ‘ever seen’

President Barack Obama toured rubble-strewn Tuscaloosa neighborhoods on Friday, declaring the devastation brought by a series of powerful storms and tornadoes was beyond anything he had ever seen.
The storms killed nearly 300 people and left entire neighborhoods in ruins. Obama promised expedited federal aid to states affected by the storms.”  FULL STORY HERE: http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/04/29/severe.weather/index.html?hpt=T1

Fascinating. Apparently this devastation which included just 300 people dead is ‘beyond anything’ the President has ‘ever seen’. 
Really? What about the thousands dead in the Iraq war? What about the millions dead from hunger each year? Yes, MILLIONS. What about HALF THE WORLD in poverty? That’s BILLIONS. What about the devastation of nature at the hands of our current consumer system? What about the devastation of animals also at the hands of our current consumer system? What about the devastation of countless souls apparently doomed to ETERNAL DAMNATION as per the President’s public religious beliefs?
It should be recognized by all that the President, just as most human beings, has a severely delusional definition of ‘devastation’. Apparently ‘devastation’ is only something that is possible to happen within one’s own back yard, or within the backyard of someone fairly close to you geographically. And it will only be reported on if it does not bring to light the massive abuse of our current ‘way of life’ within our current consumerist economic world systems.

That fact that things like this simply are not seen AT ALL, shows the extensive level to which we as human beings have programmed ourselves to apparently not see what we are accepting and allowing in this world, by defining the words we use only according to that which does not expose our abusive and neglectful nature, where we thus create a bubble of apparent shared ignorance around ourselves through our words which SEEM to be ignorant of / oblivious to the devastation of life taking place daily which we all accept and allow. 

Join Desteni “I” Process to begin investigating the words YOU are living, and learn how you can purify your words, so that the definitions you are living, take into account what is best for All, and do not create bubbles of ignorance.

Support The Equal Money System as the Practical Solution to End Devastation on Earth.

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