Saint? Pope Jean Paul Performed Miracles!!

The body of the late Pope John Paul II has been exhumed in advance of his ‘Beatification‘.

The late Pope’s Beatification is where the Vatican will bestow upon him the title of ‘Blessed’ which is the last step before Sainthood.

A ‘miracle’ cure
The Vatican has deemed that the otherwise inexplicable cure of a French nun, Marie Simon-Pierre Normand, who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, was due to John Paul’s intercession with God to perform a miracle, thus permitting the beatification to go ahead.”

If one more ‘miracle’ can be attributed to him after his Beatification, then he can be declared a Saint.

Fascinating how the church finds it appropriate to ‘honor’ the dead pope but cannot find it in themselves to honor All Life and give to All on Earth what they would like for themselves. Why? Because then the religion would have no power over others and would not be able to manipulate others to give them money. Religion in this world REQUIRES inequality and suffering to exist. And thus, for anyone who actually Honors All Life and would Do what is Best for All, living the message of Jesus – ‘beatification’ and ‘canonization’ to make people ‘saints’, is revealed to be just a cult-show to get all the followers to ooh and awe in veneration of some dead person that the vatican says is now in heaven.
Which is a lie in itself as it is just a story the church tells.

Investigate Equal Money – the Solution that honors Life instead of some dead pope that never had any practical solution to any problem anyway. Bring heaven to Earth as it should be.

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