I was an ‘Ascending Being’ that found Desteni

How did I find Desteni? I found Desteni in the course of browsing for videos on youtube about ‘ascended masters’. I’m fairly certain the first video I watched was one about ascended masters.
The words I heard being spoken in the video were unlike any I had heard. Spoken with a specificity and clarity that I had not encountered within any material I had previously been exposed to.
I had been looking for answers, explanations as to who I am, why am I here, what am I supposed to do, what is really going on?
I was coming from a background of spirituality and new age, as these areas had provided me with stories that had for the previous couple of years kept me occupied with what I had believed to be ‘the truth’. However I had not found anything to consistently apply within my life – none of the techniques and methods presented were clear enough as to how I should apply it – and everything I involved myself with was tainted by an underlying confusion and dissatisfaction with spirituality and new age, because I could not ever get to the point of fully experiencing most of the spiritual / energetic experiences I was reading about and hearing about, and this frustrated me as I believed I am supposed to be experiencing these things! Things like:
Astral travel
Other states of consciousness through meditation
Remote Viewing
Communicating with aliens and ‘higher beings’
Experiences of ‘chi’ and of seeing Auras of people, nature and animals.

I desperately wanted to experience these things, because I had a deep dissatisfaction with the world around me and experienced my life to be boring and unfulfilling.
I also saw that the way the world currently exists, and the way human beings treat each other is unacceptable, a world of limitation and suffering.
Spirituality and New Age seemed to have the answer to this, as a ‘gradual shift in consciousness’ to a more ‘enlightened, higher vibration / dimension’ achieved through a process of ‘Ascension’. Thus I perceived all my efforts should be dedicated to the process of Ascension and achieving a ‘higher vibration / dimension’ – which, within the available knowledge was defined by all kinds of experiences such as the ones I listed above.
When I found Desteni, my process of ‘looking for answers’ within spirituality and new age stopped completely. Because what I found in the Desteni message was that I understood what was being presented – not as a belief or as something I ‘wanted to be true’, as I had experienced with spirituality and new age, but because I naturally just understood what was being said – because I saw it in myself. The message of Standing in Equality and Oneness, and the message of Self Responsibility, Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness, and the explanation of the Mind Consciousness System was something I was able to verify the validity of by simply looking at myself, looking at my experience. The principles and practical tools shared by Desteni enabled me to finally make sense of myself, and clearly see how the world came to exist as it currently does. In seeing this, the solution was obvious. Our starting point must be changed. We must change ourselves and create a new world that is best for all. And now I actually had the practical tools to assist and support myself in walking this process of self change for real. And thus spirituality came to an end as it was merely stories as entertainment that fell away in irrelevance as I began to take Responsibility for my existence.
I joined Desteni “I” Process because Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness is a natural part of my daily life, and it is common sense to utilize DIP as the effective system / platform through which to effectively study the Desteni Material and share our processes to be able to recruit others to ‘begin’ their process so that more may begin assisting and supporting themselves to take Responsibility for themselves, and be able to make money doing so which is a practical requirement in this world as it currently exist.

If you are looking for answers about your existence, and about existence as a whole, and are sick and tired of vague, ambiguous spiritual messages and methods that lead you to endlessly imagine things in your mind, attempting to experience a storybook vision that just never comes true the way you want it to, and if you are tired of not clearly understanding your experience of yourself and are continuously frustrated by the way our world currently exists – then you may find what you are looking for in Desteni “I” Process.

But, prepare yourself — because what I have discovered about myself within my Process of Self Honesty thus far – is beyond the wildest imaginings I ever had when I was an ‘ascending being’.

Desteni “I” Process

My D.I.P Profile

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  1. Hi Matti –

    I am also now in DIP and just started blogging on blog spot and walking thru computer resistance.

    I too, have a background similar to yours .

    So , nice to read your blog .


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