Let the Damned be Free

The current money system on Earth is a system of Dam-Nation. Unless you are born into a circumstance of wealth, you are automatically ‘Dammed’. Wherein your Self expression and Self Development as a Human Being here on earth is placed behind a Wall that limits your Flow of Living — wherein your entire time is spend struggling to overcome your financial limitations. And where we have become so conditioned by this ‘way of existing’, that we then accept any moment of temporary relief as entertainment and ‘free time’ as a glorious achievement, and thus try to work as hard as possible to earn as many moments of ‘free time’ as possible. And we’ve defined that as ‘living’. And the existence of DEBT as the primary foundation of the current system, ensures that we get so DAMNED up debt, that our entire life will never be anything more than attempting to stay ‘afloat’ so our lives don’t ‘go under’, where we must stand often on our ‘tip toes’ just to keep breathing.

Life should not be a struggle to ‘keep afloat’. We are mostly water – we should be supporting each other to flow with freedom of movement in our daily participation and self expression from the moment we are born – meaning, we should not be forced to restrict our flow within the limitations of our ‘financial situation’, or dry up and die entirely, as in the case of extreme poverty and starvation.

The point of the Equal Money system is that it removes this wall – this DAM that DAMNS us to a life of struggle for survival and success. Equal Money forgives all debt and removes the necessity of spending years of our lives just trying to achieve sufficient income to live effectively.
Equal Money puts an end to the damnation of life through a system where some profit off the struggle of many.


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