Is the Bible a Holy Book?

Is the Bible a Holy Book?

Let’s look in the dictionary:

holy |ˈhōlē|
adjective ( holier , holiest )
1 dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred : the Holy Bible | the holy month of Ramadan.

Yep. The Bible is most definitely ‘Holy’. It’s pretty obvious that the Bible is both dedicated and consecrated(dedicate formally to a religious or divine purpose) to God or a religious purpose.

But, what does this actually mean? What is ‘Holiness’? According to Humanity’s accepted definition, it is merely something that is dedicated to God or religion. So yes, the Bible is extremely Holy, and the followers of the Bible are Holy People! Yes! Because – they are dedicated to God, we can see that.

Isn’t it funny how “Holiness” is accepted as apparently something that is “good” — but, if we look at the definition, and indeed at the behavior of Human Beings that follow the “Holy Book”, we can see there is never any attention given to evaluating and doing what is Best for All LIFE…notice? All the attention is always placed on…yes, GOD and GOD’s “HOLINESS”. The Bible is Wholly about God in all his apparent “Holiness”, which really just means, “dedicated to God, connected to God”. God God God God God God God. So, we have billions of Human Beings all thinking about God, talking about God, praying to God, teaching about God, worshipping God, revering God, honoring God, respecting God, placing faith in God, living for God, crying for God, loving God, hating in the name of God, killing in the name of God, building churches in the name of God, earning money in the name of God, having children in the name of God, getting married in the name of God, promising to tell the truth in the name of God, thanking God, praising God, singing about God, dancing about God, writing about God, wondering about God, dreaming about God, waiting for God, looking for God, arguing about God, debating about God, shouting about God — and so on.

The question is:
What about Life???
Why is there no mention of Life anywhere? I mean, Human Beings have been worshipping God for a long fracking time. But you know what is really really really obvious? What is really really really obvious is that in SPITE of Humanity’s long service to God and worship of God and dedication to God — have we returned to the garden of Eden? Do we have Heaven on Earth? Can we even go five minutes without having thoughts about something or someone that we would not want to reveal?
Why is is that the Bible in all its HOLINESS has no solution to Starvation? to Poverty? to War? to basic HUMAN DISHONESTY and DECEPTION that is participated in daily? And just to clarify, deception is where you have secrets — yes that is deception — because you are presenting a false face; you have multiple personalities depending on who you are interacting with! Isn’t that ridiculous??? Why would any “God” approve of that? Why would HOLY GOD create something that cannot go finve minutes without deceiving other beings? Is the Human Being Satan? Isn’t Satan the Deceiver? Well, according to the Bible, yes he is. But I’ve just shown that to be false, because it is obviously the Human Being that is the Deceiver.
Did the Human learn to Deceive from the Devil? When was that? Where was that? Anyone remember?
The Human Being deceives only himself. And what is his greatest Self Deception? Eating from the fruit of the Book of Knowledge…er, I mean Tree of Knowledge. Same thing really — the Bible is the KNOWLEDGE which is partaken of by the Human, where the knowledge is taken in, and made part of who you are — you are nourished by knowledge.

But by now it should be extremely obvious that this knowledge is rotten. Because, Humanity has been living nourished by the knowledge of the Bible for a looooong time, and has only created a vast mess of abuse. Greed, corruption, inequality, fear, manipulation, self interest, exploitation, sexual abuse — followers of GOD do not have practical tools with which to support themselves to actually transcend this behavior! No one has changed — the Bible is merely used as a form of Policeman that threatens punishment and promises freedom if you just follow the HOLY RULES.
But if the bible was really effective in helping people live in a way that is good and honorable where they do not harm another — then you would no longer need the Bible, because you should be able to change in fact, which would imply that you no longer need “RULES” because you would be LIVING GOOD in every moment as YOURSELF as WHO YOU ARE, the SAME, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Therefore, the Bible is a coping mechanism that never actually supports anyone to stop existing within complete dysfunction. It only supports the Human Being to remain within hope that they will enter heaven when they die. No follower of the Bible actually makes a difference in this world! No follower of the bible has even pointed out the simple fact that the current money system we are all participating in and accepting, is daily perpetuating the existence of poverty and starvation, war and crime!
How cant he Bible be so “HOLY” yet so WHOLLY miss what is actually going on?

The Bible is bullshit. The only valuable teaching from the bible is Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself.
Because, this can actually be applied to make this world a better place! But within this, no “GOD” is necessary! no “church” is necessary! No “religion” is necessary! All that is required is to place ones attention on LIFE, and then living in a way that Honors what is Best for All Life as Thy Neighbor as Yourself! Because, Life is that which is in us All.

“Holiness” is useless. What is practical is “Whollyness”. Living in a way that WHOLLY Honors Life.
This is simple because Life is in each of us — it is not some “great and powerful god”. Life should be WHO WE ARE! And doing what is Best for each of us as Life should be the way we are living! Because, when we Honor each other as Life — then we won’t harm each other! WOW!

Become a Wholly Practivist! A Human Being that Wholly Lives in a way that is Best for All in the context of how we can Best Support each other Practically to Live a Dignified Life Here on Earth.

Delete “Holiness” — don’t worry, God won’t strike you down — and if he does, then we’ll know that God doesn’t give a shit about Life. I mean, what kind of God would get angry at his creation for throwing away his book and changing ourselves so that we never harm Life ever again, and bring Heaven to Earth?

Let’s bring an end to this “Holy Bullshit”.
Join Desteni I Process and learn to Live Wholly as Life.

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