Creating A World For Life

There were an estimated 50-70 million deaths in 6 years of WW2.

It is estimated that over 100 million children suffered deaths from starvation in the 1990s. About 50 million every 5 years.

Do the math – who is evil? Hitler, or us humans with money who accept our money system? Those who died did nothing but were born without money.

This could be prevented with the amount of money the world spends on it’s military every 2 days.

debating an Equal Money system is like debating whether to stop murdering children. There’s no room for opinions and ego – it is a decision of whether one will be Evil – or support Life.

It’s not about blame or judgment. And it’s not about whether we’re aware of this or not — because we are. Those of us with money and access to the internet — we can see what is going on. We can see the principles being lived as the basis of our systems of government, education, media, religion, family, are not taking into consideration our Oneness and our Equality as Life. When we look at facts like the one above, what can we see? We can see we have been brainwashed. Brainwashed to accept the system – to perceive it to be ‘the only way things can exist’. Brainwashed to not see ourselves as even being part of this world – seeing ourselves as ‘not responsible’ for this world – as victims basically. Victims who are so powerless apparently, that all we can do is ‘pursue happiness’ and ‘try our best’ to ‘make the best’ of what has been given to us.

But – it is obvious, that those of us with money in this world, have not been making the best world with what has been given to us. We have been given a life, here on Earth, which we are walking right now – and we have been the ‘fortunate ones’ – those who are actually able to survive, and ‘pursue things’, because our circumstances, our environment, supported us to develop the skills we need to make money.
How are we using our time? How are we using our money? How are we participating with our hands, in our bodies, here in our lives, right now?

What do we consider within our day to day lives? Are we standing in the shoes of those who do not have what we have? Or do we only care about our own shoes, and about the shoes of our family and friends? Why is is accepted as ‘normal’ to only care about and consider a handful of beings?
How can love, or compassion exist in this world, if the practical love is only given to a few beings who are in our immediate surroundings, that we have a direct, interactive relationship with? Isn’t our love and compassion then just feelings created in self-interest? Where ‘love’ is no more than the energetic ‘glue’ that holds our ‘immediate world of relationships’ together – so we can ‘feel’ stable? Where ‘love’ is the glue, that keeps us stuck in considering only ourselves and our families and friends, because that is the ‘group’ within which we find acceptance, meaning, and purpose for ourselves? Within which we have defined ourselves? Where our family and friends are a group whose ‘honor’ we defend at all costs?
How is such a definition and experience of ‘love’ any different from the ‘love’ and ‘compassion’ that Hitler experienced towards ‘his people’?

How can human beings judge another for violence committed in the name of Self-Interest of one’s ‘group’ as family and friends and race? I mean, the very act of defining love as a limited experience one has toward only certain beings within whom one has placed value, is is creating love as a Judgment. ‘Love’ as a definition based on value placed in someone as a Judgment – where Value is not Equally recognized and honored in all beings as Life – but only in those who we GET something from — as an experience of acceptance, support, company, sex, meaning, reason, purpose, which in themselves cannot be real if that experience of acceptance, support, reason, meaning, purpose can be taken away by taking away one’s family member, or other ‘loved one’. If one’s daily, practical, lived actions are based on the principle of supporting only one’s ‘special group’ – then one is saying to the whole of existence, that you give permission for all others to act in the same way, according to the same principle of ‘love’ defined through Judgment, in Self-Interest. And, many will say ‘oh I love everyone’ — but the point is to investigate what your daily, physical, real, practical actions are accumulating in.

Are your daily, practical actions accumulating only in self preservation, to eventually reach the end of this life and die having made no difference in this world whatsoever? Having justified, ignored, hidden from, the actual suffering experienced by other beings in this world? Having given permission for the next generation to be born into the same money system, the same family systems, religious systems, education systems, government systems – to be taught to define themselves in separation of Life? To be taught to define ‘love’ in self interest, in self preservation? We have been wasting the time given to us. We have been creating abuse perpetually. We have been passing on our evil ways generation after generation, never stopping to look at ourselves and see what we are doing – only ever content to just be ‘passing through’. Accepting that we have no power but to ‘just find happiness while I’m here’. And even then, you do not have the power to achieve happiness. That power is given to you as MONEY. Money, is currently the resource that gives us the power to determine how we will practically participation day to day in our life, in this life we are living right now.
The way we are using money, the way we are accepting money – can accumulate in either more abuse within the perpetuation of the current system – or can accumulate in the establishment of a solution to end the abuse, to end the current system. How we use money, how we participate in our daily lives, within this time that has been given to us — is determined by WHO we each are. Who we each are ACCEPTING ourselves to be. The question that each must ask themselves, is “is my life supporting the accumulation of the continued deaths of millions of people each year from starvation? From lack of money? Have I made the decision to accept the current system? Our current way of life? Our current value systems? Or have I made the decision that I will not accept or allow this system to continue? Have I made the decision to recognize and face my responsibility for how I live my life. Because I see, that as a human being with access to MONEY — I am able to either allow myself to get lost in my money, and use it to build a fortress of ‘happiness’ around myself, within believing that that is ‘my right’ — or I am able to realize and recognize that if I am to dedicate my life to only my own happiness and security and entertainment, and to define ‘rights’ within self interest – as that which one achieves only once one gets money, then I am dedicating myself to exist and participate in SPITEFULNESS toward others, toward those who HAVE NOT – toward those who CANNOT GET what ‘I have’.

It is time for the HAVES to stand in the shoes of those who do NOT HAVE. And that does not mean give away all your money or stop using money. It is to Stand AS those beings, to place yourself in their position and ask yourself – how would I like to be treated? What kind of world would I like to be experiencing myself within? A world in which I am left to struggle for my survival by those who do not even notice that I am here? By those who are apparently experiencing ‘love’, and ‘happiness’?

It is time to Live the words of Jesus. Love Thy Neighbor. Do unto others, as you would like them to do unto you. But to understand what this means, you have to stand in the shoes of ALL OTHERS — and in this, they cease to become ‘others’ – and they become YOU. The world becomes YOU. And then you ask yourself — How am I treating Myself as ALL who are in this world? Am I Honoring myself as All as Life as Equal as One? Am I dedicating my life to stopping this current system which obviously is based in separation? In neglect?

If you see you have not considered ALL — if you see you have not HONORED LIFE — what can you do?
Again, there is no point to judge or blame yourself. Or to judge or blame anyone else.
What becomes relevant, when FACING the reality of what has been Allowed — is Self Forgiveness.
When one finally makes the decision to stop delusion, stop separation – and stand in the shoes of All – to see what we have done unto ourselves, when one finally makes the decision to be Self Honest about what is here, and who we are accepting and allowing ourselves to be — then Self Forgiveness becomes relevant. Because, now you SEE yourself. You see what you are creating. And in Standing in the shoes of All — in Standing AS ALL as ONE as EQUAL — you see that this world, is what I have Accepted and Allowed. I have accepted and allowed myself to starve – because I did not consider myself as another, as Life, I separated myself from another as Life – and in this, I gave permission for separation to exist — and now I see that this world, this system — is SHOWING me the consequences that are being created through the separation we have ALL ALLOWED. And then I humble myself. Because in seeing what has been allowed — I see my ego, my self interest, my self definitions — are not valid. I see — to defend my separation, is to defend my SPITEFULNESS, is to defend my DISHONOR of Life, within honoring only ‘my life’ — is to say ‘FUCK THE REST’, because ‘it is my right’ to consider ‘only myself’.

In seeing that I have accepted and allowed this in myself, as myself — that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist in Spitefulness of Life — I then become humble, and I realize – I now have a choice. I can ‘go back’ to my delusion, to ‘my life’, trying to pretend I am not responsible for what is being created — in which case, I forfeit all right to life, and make the statement that I will continue to abuse — or, I can Stand Up. I can STAND UP and say TILL HERE NO FURTHER. I can Stand UP and I can Forgive myself. I can Forgive myself for what I have Accepted and Allowed, and I can dedicate myself to LIFE. I can dedicate myself to ending the abuse. To ending separation. To ending self-interest. To ending spitefulness. I can make sure that these things do not exist in me. I can remove all abuse from within myself, all separation from within myself, so that I can STAND into infinity as a being that supports Life — as being who only acts in ways that will accumulate in what is best for all.

If this is the point you find yourself at, having walked through this blog post with me — then I invite you to join those of us who have also faced this point of decision, and have already begun walking the process of Self Forgiveness, Self Purification, and Self Correction — where we are birthing ourselves Here on Earth as beings who Honor Life – as Beings who Honor each other – as beings who Live Love for REAL — beings who Live within the recognition of our Equality and Oneness, and who are dedicating ourselves to changing the way we live and participate daily — committed to making the best of the time we have — bringing about a New World that is Best for All — a World of Equality and Oneness, a World For Life – a World Of Life.

Join us.

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