Redefining the word ‘Conflict’ in Common Sense

Conflict – co-inflict – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the word ‘conflict’ as an experience in which I experience myself as having harm inflicted unto me by another, within believing that ‘another’ is able to ‘inflict harm unto me’ within myself, wherein ‘someone else’ is apparently ‘causing’my inner experience of ‘now I am in conflict with someone’ – within which I experience adrenaline / anxiety / fear / anger – instead of realizing that, what I experience within myself = is myself. Thus, conflict is cool because it shows me where I am creating an experience of apparently being harmed / having something done unto me – within myself, by myself, through projecting blame and judgment onto another, in separation of me as the creator of myself, and what I experience within myself.

Conflict – convict – conviction – confliction – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the word ‘conflict’ as when someone does not agree with me or when someone reacts to me – wherein the person’s disagreement or reaction towards me is indicating that I am guilty of some offense – that I am a convict —-and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect the word ‘conflict’ with an emotional experience of guilt – because I believed that conflict indicates I am guilty of committing some offense unto another — instead of realizing that within conflict, it is merely a point of egos colliding – where each is trying to control the ‘coin’ to remain on ‘my side’ – the coin flip – and within this it is obviously an energy game where both feed the conflict through participating in ego and energetic dominance to try and be ‘right’ – keep the coin on the ‘right side’ – which is always ‘my side’. Within this also I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to see that I would also live this definition of ‘conflict’ as ‘convict’ wherein I am the one judging the other to be the ‘convict’ – wherein I have ‘convicted’ another of some apparent ‘offense done unto me’ – and yet within this I still feared ‘conflict’ because within my judgment I was actually in a point of ego and thus had something to lose as energetic dominance / energetic / ego survival – still wanting to control the ‘coin’ to be on ‘my side’ as the ‘right side’ – and so within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge others, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to through judgment, ‘convict’ others within believing they have committed some offense unto me or unto another wherein I took something personally that they did or said and judged them and in this made the point / event / action into a point of ego where I have ‘rightly judged them / convicted them’ of an offense – wherein now the door is open for conflict as they will struggle for their innocence and I will struggle to uphold my judgment. Lol Instead of realizing that I am Responsible for whatever experience of ‘being attacked / being offended’ arise within myself – I am the creator of the experience through and as what I am accepting and allowing in me, as me.
Within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see that in avoiding conflict – I am already participating in conflict – I am already participating in either having taken on a ‘victim’ point, or taken on a ‘judgment’ point – within my mind – within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see that within living this definition of ‘conflict’ , and within accepting and allowing this polarity to exist in me, and within accepting and allowing myself to define myself within, and participate within this polarity – I have not been unconditionally Here in the moment, within all scenarios where I am with ‘another’, able to simply express myself – be Here – because I have been existing within and as this point of mind as my definition of ‘conflict’ as ‘convict’
Thus – in letting go of this point, in no longer living this definition – what is conflict? Lol. An empty word.
I will redefine it practically, in the context of what is Here.

In the context of this current world / ourselves as it / we exist, with two or more points, wherein one / each point inflicts some action to deflect / enslave / subdue / control the other point or points, in order to maintain or achieve dominance over the other points.
This can be applied to both the context of points / personalities as egos / definitions – and also the context of points as for example, animals in conflict for dominance over a food or water supply, etc.

I live the word conflict not as a self definition, not as a fear, not as emotion, not as thoughts, not as memories, not as knowledge – but as a practical definition that can be applied within the context of  standing as All as One as Equal – looking at what exists here as ourselves, as this world. Within looking at what is Here I see there is conflict – conflict within and as ourselves = conflict within and as our world / existence.
I see that conflict is unacceptable to continue – because within the starting point of conflict is separation – wherein 2 or more points stand / function in separation of each other, where the actions of each support the creation of consequence as more conflict, continued separation. Therefore Common Sense is able to be applied within looking at conflict to see what is required to change, in order to stop creating the consequence of conflict. Separation must stop.

In defining the word, in defining conflict within standing as All as One as Equal and looking at what exist Here, and being able to identify conflict and see the starting point of conflict as separation, I see that  separation must stop. I now have a practical ‘guide’ that I can apply to identify separation through identifying conflict. And in identifying conflict as an outflow / consequence of separation I then see that separation will always accumulate conflict – will accumulate enslavement. Therefore separation must end.

In investigating how I had defined / been living conflict, I could see what I was creating / accumulating in myself through living that specific definition of conflict. I’ve then re-defined the word within Common Sense in Standing as All as One as Equal, in awareness of what I will be accumulating in and as myself / in and as this world / in and as existence as consequence if I accept and allow separation within and as myself. Thus I do not accept or allow myself to exist within and as separation. I stop myself existing / participating within and as separation.

Therefore, when / if I I experience myself / find myself going into an experience of ‘conflict’ as emotions, reactions, feelings, thoughts, judgments, blame — I STOP – and I realize this experience that I am having within myself = is me creating an experience within myself within and as the starting point of separation, and has nothing to do with someone else, but has to do with my own accepted and allowed separation, and I apply Self Forgiveness and bring myself back to Common Sense Practical Living Here in the Physical.

For support with how to begin investigating and redefining the words you are living, so that you can stop accumulating / creating unnecessary experiences within yourself, and start living words practically within common sense as one and equal with you as who you in self honesty decide to accept and allow yourself to be – investigate Desteni and join Desteni I Process!

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