Go Beyond Psychology

Sigmund Freud was one of the fathers of modern psychology, having developed psychodynamics which is the exploration of the dynamics of what is perceived to be the psychological forces behind human behavior. Psychodynamic theory is the basis of psychoanalysis, which is a popular form of therapy among human beings.

Psychologists are defined as the authorities on human behavior, and are perceived to have the ability to give us the ‘answers’ to the problems of conflict and distress we experience within ourselves in our thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

I’ve just read that Freud smoked about twenty cigars a day for the majority of his life. When his doctor advised him to quit, he attempted to, but experienced such extreme depression and mood swings that he began smoking again to escape his unpleasant experience.

Funny how someone who’s theories are applied in therapy to help people, was unable to assist and support himself to understand and stop his own emotional turmoil, which he suppressed with smoking.

The thing that is missing in psychology, is actual Self-Understanding, actual Self-Realization and Seeing of what is happening inside Self, and how it came to be there, which then enables one to give effective direction to what one uncover’s within Self. People have been seeing therapists for decades–which simply shows that human beings do not actually understand themselves. But when the theories used in the therapies are not based in actual Self-Understanding either, (I mean, that’s what a theory is = a lack of actual understanding) then you have a problem. Because all that’s going on is that one human being is observing another human being through constructs of knowledge about observations, and making decisions about how to ‘help’ the person according to what the psychologist observes and interprets about the patient’s behavior / condition.

Freud actually stated that it was humanly impossible to deal with the symptoms he experienced when trying to stop smoking. However, there was a time in his life when he was not smoking and not experiencing those symptoms — when he was very young — therefore, what does that imply? It implies that his experience was created over time, and that if one was investigating oneself effectively, one could trace those symptoms back to their actual origin points. For example depression. Did Freud ever actually ask himself what he is depressed about? Or did he merely accept it to be a “chemical thing” beyond his ability to stop? He did not perceive it to be possible for him to stop smoking.

I experienced similar symptoms when I stopped smoking. However, I had the tools necessary to assist and support myself to understand what I am experiencing within myself, and to change myself according to what I see best supports me, in terms of what I will or will not Accept and Allow to exist in me, and what I will or will not Accept or Allow myself to participate in, and I was able to transcend the difficult experience I was faced with when I stopped smoking.
Unlike Freud, I do not have theories. I do not have mere interpretations of what I observe. I have the ability to understand myself in fact — and to change myself in fact. Just as computer programmer has the ability to see the exact coding of the program, and to change it according to what is in line with the program he has set out to create.
When I experience an emotion, a feeling, a though, a reaction, a fear, a desire within myself, that is ‘triggered’ by something — and I don’t immediately see when, where, and how this experience has been created, what do I know? I know I have Accepted and Allowed myself to be programmed in unawareness. Because, I have seen and understood that the Mind functions a lot like an operating system that is able to be programmed to run specific applications / programs.
Thus, when I encounter a program that I see I did not put there in awareness — I proceed to uncover the code of that program. The underlying code of the emotion, thought, feeling, reaction, fear, desire I have experienced. This is a process of tracing the experience back to its origin point, to see what triggered it, what scenarios I encounter it within, and when I first began experiencing it within myself. I am able to see and understand how I specifically, yet in unawareness, programmed myself in a particular moment, where I then gave my power away to the program, and began living it as an automated pattern.
Once I have uncovered the code, I am then able to apply Self Forgiveness to release myself from the program, to disengage and delete the code. I am then Free to decide what I am going to apply in the scenario where I previously would have experienced that emotion, that thought, that reaction, that fear.
Myself, I choose to Live as Life — I choose to stop all programs within myself that do not support me in my fullest expression and application of myself as Life as Who I Really Am. Because, I have already made the decision to Stand up for what is best for All as One as Equal as who we all really are as Life, and stop accepting and allowing myself to participate in being a pre-programmed product of the past, who would normally just accept this world as it is, and continue to perpetuate and accumulate abuse, conflict and suffering – both inner and outer, through not taking responsibility to Self-Realize how we have come to exist the way we currently exist as human beings, here on Earth.

I take this Responsibility because I see what exists in this world, and I’ve seen what has existed inside myself, and I do not accept myself, or anyone else to exist and participate in such a way – seemingly trapped inside our heads, subject to emotions, feelings, fears, reactions, thoughts, seemingly not able to do anything about the extensive suffering that exists in this world.

I take this Responsibility because I’ve seen for myself that we as human beings are able to change ourselves. This is why I support an Equal Money System that will enable human beings to have the time and resources and support available to begin transcending their programming.
The support is actually already here in the form of the Desteni I Process courses, through which you are trained in how to become powerfully effective in transcending all manner of inner conflict, turmoil, and unpleasantness, to be able to live and express fully as who you really are. Desteni I Process is also a multi-level wealth building product. As you are learning about yourself through the courses, you begin empowering yourself with insights and abilities you can use to help other people join Desteni I Process. You can recruit up to ten people, and when the system is operating at its full earning potential, you can bring in tens of thousands of dollars a month in income! With Desteni I Process we are taking the necessary steps of Self-Empowerment in terms of real Self-Understanding and financial freedom, that will enable us to bring about a new world.

Go beyond Psychology. Go beyond observation into direct Self Realization…

Join us.




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  1. Anna Freud developed psychoanalysis further in America. Anna Freud had analyzed Bob and Mabby* Burlinghams in the 1930's, who both had since then suffered personal breakdowns. Their marriage was collapsing, Bob drank heavily and Mabby* had problems with anxiety. This point was hidden, because the couple was held as 'proof' that the program of psychoanalysis worked.

    *: source documentary 'the century of self' – name 'Mabby' was taken out phonetically.


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