MarsWater and the Game of Madness

We can find water on mars but not water for everyone on Earth daily? what the FUCK — humanity is truly the stupidist, most neglectful things ever to exist — are you ready to stand with Desteni? Stand with those who stand up for all LIFE? The choice is ours – support stupidity and abuse or support Life and a solution for this world that is Best for All and brings about a dignified Life for All – Human, Animal, Plant

I say Stupid because…well, because we as human beings really are stupid -we accept and allow ourselves to exist within such absolute self stupidity — I mean, it is stupid to go around pretending we are apparently ‘living’ – when we are obviously daily merely participating in a slave-like existence subject to money, completely ignoring the suffering of other beings that continually is created daily as an outflow of the SYSTEM we have accepted as being ‘how the world has always and must always exist’. There really are no PRETTY WORDS to describe humanity – because, take a fucking look at this world. You have to really be blind to not see the ugliness, the misery, the absolute horror of what is experienced in this world daily by humans, animals, and plants at the hands of human beings existing entirely within self interest as only caring about “MY GREAT LIFE” – yes, everyone in fact only cares about “MY GREAT LIFE” and really does not give a fuck about anyone or anything else.

Myself? To me that is UNACCEPTABLE. Because, I give a fuck — I want a world that is not a fucking mess of abuse and misery and absolute stupidity and neglect. I mean, don’t you? How can you accept such a limited experience that you are currently existing within? Merely going day by day waiting for your own DEATH, really doing nothing but staying occupied with various entertainment and work and trying to stay “HAPPY” — because GOD forBID that you FALL from your moment of HAPpiness and then be oh so sad or oh so mad that you must then seek to manipulate other beings to apparently make you happy aGAIN.

I’m not judging — because I lived the same bullshit. Only, I’ve stopped. I’ve stopped and applied self forgiveness and begun changing myself to a real being that actually does what is best for all and lives a life of substance. And, I would prefer to be HERE in existence with other beings who also care about Life – who also insist that they live as as subSTANDtial being that STAND in all ways in support of what is best for All and does not leave any being out of the equation.

I’m interested in being that see the bullshit of the current human experience — slaves to money, thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, fears, secrets, desires — I mean, you drown your misery at the end of each day in a glass of BOO HOO HOOZE – because you are actually miserable yet do not want to admit it because then you would have to face the harsh reality of who you really are — which is a miserable thing that has no idea what is going on, no idea how you got here, no idea where you are going, and feels too helpless and powerless to change anything about yourself or this world.
Well, I’m here to tell you that you have the power. Well — you would have it if you give it back to yourself. But first you have to uncover yourself from the mess that you’ve created yourself as — the mess which is the MIND.

Are you going to sit forever in your messy self, moping and crying and trying to escape your misery in various addictions to stimulation such as feelings, love, alcohol, drugs, fake relationships. It’s time for some serious Self Honesty because I know most will say “but I’m not miserable” — well, if you were in fact not miserable you would have no problem taking some serious daily action to bring about a new world in which no abuse exists. Instead, you reveal you actual suppressed misery in your obvious daily life of denial — denial of what is going on in this world — denial of your responsibility, of OUR responsibility for OUR WORLD which is existing EQUAL and ONE to WHO we are all accepting and allowing ourselves to be — RIGHT NOW.

It’s time to wake up – it’s time to snap out of it — it’s time to slap yourself out of your stupidity and take a good look at what is Here that we have not ever considered — which is LIFE — that which is Equal and One in All — that which could be HERE in fact in all ways — LIFE , Equal and One, Living , Here, Together in limitlessness where NONE harm each other because we each see we ARE each other.

Yes. Well — that’s it for now. And remember — take a good look at the fact that, we’ve found water on mars!!! YAYYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!! water on a planet millions of miles away!!!! and yet BILLIONS suffer here on earth simply because we’ve decided to say FUCK YOU to people who can’t get enough money.

You know, it takes a bit of madness to wake the fuck up in a world that has gone mad — madness to see through the madness and get to a point of clarity — a bit of homeopathy if you will. Homeopathy to Stop the Psychopathic nature of who we’ve allowed ourselves to become as the most neglectful beings ever to exist in the history of existence.
Stop being a Psychopath! Stand up and start walking the path to a new world — it is a path we each must walk, because no one else can walk it for us. It is the path of Self Honesty. Only through Self Honesty can one find the sanity to walk what is required to be done to change this world in fact. Because only through Self Honesty can one face one’s own insanity and emerge in absolute clarity and peace. A real inner peace — not inner peace as a bubble in which you as some new age guru hides in isolation from all as one as equal — but the inner peace that is Me as the Solution — the Solution as Life. And each one can be the same Solution — because we are Equal and One as Life. We just have to birth Life Here as Ourselves in Fact — bring it from potential to Reality.
The Equal Money System will speed this process along – and enable everyone to have the time and support to, for the first time, consider themselves not as slaves to money and survival and stimulation — but considering themselves as someone who is actually HERE in existence — and be able to then consider everyone else who is HERE in existence EQUALLY and as

Oneness and Equality is such a simple realization. The problem is we’ve been brainwashed from birth by those who came before us and who have replicated themselves generation after generation, passing on the sins of the past – teaching us to follow the SIgNs of the PAst — brainwashed to not see ourselves as LIFE – but merely as a limited system that must do what it takes to survive and WIN in the system that is here currently.

So, it is time to Wash your Mind — to clean yourself of the brainwashing and free yourself up to see clearly what is Here — to SEE as you did as a young child before you were programmed to see only as thoughts in an alternate reality called a personality that gradually possesses you as you grow up and learn to play by the rules of the game.

It is a fucked up game.

Stop accepting the game – stop believing that life must be a fucked up game.
Start to see how we can actually exist differently – we can actually exist together, here, as one, as equals, living, expressing, enjoying existence without harm, fear, worry, neglect — eternally.

Join Desteni I Process to wash your brain from the brainwashing, stop the preprogramming, and re-create yourself as Life.

Thank you.

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