Brainwashed to not see Equality

What is an easy way to see that we as human beings have been brainwashed to become slaves that support the existence of inequality in this world – which benefits those who have the control of money in this world?

Simple — all you have to do is look at the way Equality has been defined in this world. Let’s look at communism. People actually believe that communism has something to do with Equality. But let’s just take a look at all the countries in this world that have ever utilized a communist system. What has existed in these countries?

Wealthy elites.
Theft of money.

So, where is the Equality?
The Desteni message is to recognize and honor Life that is Equal in All – All who are One Here on Earth, from the Earth — and to base how we participate as a whole, as the world, as Humanity, on the consideration of what is best for all — not leaving any one being out of the equation.

However, in looking at the short list above – we can see that Equality as the message of Desteni, the message of doing what is best for all, of honoring Life — is nowhere to be found. Equality within communism has simply functioned within the context of the survival and preservation of an individual country / nation / state — wherein, those who governed the country, were not in fact considering Equality as Life — but were only considering Equality as a system of how to more logically ensure the survival / preservation of an individual nation / country / state — in other words, a really big personality / ego defining Equality within the context of how best to survive as an ego = not in fact taking into consideration Life as that which is Equal in All — within which, one would then consider what is best for All — not just one country, and not just humans — but ALL beings:  Human, Animal, Plant.

We’ve been brainwashed because we’ve been taught to associate Equality with things like communism — never actually considering Equality for ourselves within applying simple Common Sense to what is Here — which is ourselves, all One here on the Earth, from the Earth.

The Equal Money System is a system based on the recognition of Equality as Life – Life that is within Each part of the Whole — and within this equating what is practically required to be in place in order to best facilitate an effective, supportive, dignified, functional life experience for all beings on Earth.
These practical equations and considerations are what we at Desteni are currently busy with, as a group – a group that stand as One, and as Equals, as Life — that stand for a world that is best for All — and for the end of all systems that benefit only a few while disregarding most beings in this world — we stand for the end of how we’ve allowed ourselves to be brainwashed to continually accept and allow abuse through accepted inequality and self interest to exist and be carried out daily in this world — which is obvious if you just take a look at what goes on daily in this world with all the conflict, war, suffering and debate about “how to fix the problems” while a solution is never reached. A solution is never reached because the actual source, origin point of all the world’s, all of Humanity’s problems, has never been considered.
We’ve never taken responsibility to have a Self Honest look at ourselves and the WORDS, the DEFINITIONS we are currently living which form the basis of all areas of how we participate with each other here on Earth. We’ve been merely using the same old knowledge over and over again to accumulate in yet more and more abuse and destruction and conflict!

As Destonians, we’ve taken a look at ourselves and come to terms with the fact that yes, we have in fact been brainwashed from birth by those who taught us — and how it is our responsibility to redefine the words we are using as the basis of how we live, taking into consideration what is in fact Best for All.
With the Equal Money System, we’ve redefined Money, redefined Value, redefined Living, redefined Work, redefined Benefit, redefined Survival, redefined Worth — within what is best for All. We are literally writing a new world, through re-writing ourselves — only this time, we are writing words which can stand infinitely as that which only accumulates what is best for All — as that which never leaves Life out of the equation.

If you are ready to stop your brainwashing and write yourself to freedom, rebirthing yourself as a new being that in fact Lives for Life and can start acting in a way that will support the establishment of a New system for a New World, then join Desteni I Process and investigate Equal Money.

Thank you.

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