Hidden Message of Bashar – Lightworker 2012 Update

Hi this is Matti and this is a video response to the ‘teachings’, or ‘message’ of Bashar – as channeled by Darryl Anka. And, the point I’m looking at here is in one of his recordings available on Youtube, he’s speaking with an audience, speaking to an audience, and one of the people in the audience asks him how we as human beings – how should we – how do we make choices? How do I make ‘a choice?’ And, Bashar’s response to this question was in essence the usual response that he ends up at, or arrives at, which is to ‘find whatever excites you the most, in any given moment, and then to look at that which is the most exciting ‘choice’ or ‘option’ available which you also have the ‘greatest ability’ to actually do, and then do that. And that is how you make a choice.

Now, as a Destonian, as a participant with and as the Desteni group, I find this message of Bashar, continually fascinating from the perspective of how ineffective it is at assisting and supporting a human being to to live – to understand one’s self, and to then live according to, and within one’s direct understanding of one’s self. Because, the message of ‘find whatever is the most exciting thought, or imagined activity, or available thing to do’, ‘find the one that produces the most excitement’, that you can also ‘do’, that you have the ability to actually do in that moment and then do that, and then that’s all you ‘need to do’. And that on top of that, according to Bashar, the Human Being, is not designed, is not ‘supposed to’ understand ‘how things happen’. You – are ‘not supposed to understand how things happen’ — you don’t need to! Because why? Because, ‘higher mind’ has everything ‘in hand’ — ‘higher mind’, ‘higher self’ knows how things happen. YOU — You have an easy job, Human Being! All you must do, when considering what ‘choice to make’, is to find whatever is the ‘most exciting’, and do that!
Don’t you find this questionable? Don’t you find this a bit odd, that a supposedly ‘more advanced being’, is telling Human Beings ‘you’re not supposed to’, ‘you don’t have to’ understand how things happen. Now, what is the implications of this statement if you go and then apply this statement in your life? ‘I don’t need to understand how things happen!’ What are you going to do? How is this world set up? How is the current system in this world set up, as the Money System? The current money system does best when you have a majority of people who don’t understand how things happen! All they know is – ‘I have certain survival needs’, and that ‘life’ in this world, a comfortable life consists of things which must be purchased with Money, and that in order to get and attain this Money, I have to become a functional participant in the system with some sort of job — I have to become ‘of value’ to the system in some way, enough that the system will give me money in exchange for labor that I do. Labor, some sort of work, some sort of participation that supports the system within its continued functioning as, within and as the way that it currently operates.

The Lightworker is a consumer who, in the eyes of the system, is the same as any other human being – both are products of the system, just with different pictures and vocabulary running in the mind. Now that in itself presents a problem (functioning in a way that supports the current system to continue as it operates), because if one looks at the daily outflows, the daily side-effects of the current money system, what do we see? We see that in order to keep functioning as it functions, massive abuse must continue daily, to exist — Animal abuse, Nature, many Human Beings slaving away within a life that they obviously would not ‘choose’ for themselves – simply because that’s the best opportunity they can find to make money to survive. So, and on top of that obviously since money is not available from birth, as a tool to support one’s self to live — you have crime, rampant crime, most of which is based on what? Someone wants money, someone needs money, someone’s in debt and needs to repay their debt, someone wants more because they see that someone has more money than them, and they get jealous and envious, and so then they go and commit crimes to get more money quickly, because they maybe don’t have the skills or education to go about it the ‘long way’, or the, what is seen as the ‘right way’ of doing it. So you have a host of problems of abuse, and conflict, and violence, and suffering, which is created by the current way we use money within the current accepted money system.

Thus – ‘visualizing ‘light’, and a ‘heaven-like’ world, and ‘sending love’ – will not end this crime and conflict caused by the want/need/competition for money. Remove the physical / systemic circumstance of want / need / competition for money in a practical, real way – and money-related crime no longer has a purpose or context in which to exist – and you end the crime. To see this, you must understand how things happen in this world. With Common Sense practical investigation you can see that the system is the primary point that supports the manifestation of crime. And thus you see what is required to be changed to end crime. So why are you being told you don’t need to understand how things happen??? Who does Bashar’s message really benefit? Answer: The eLITE of this world who are able to have power over others through ensuring the Human Being remains a slave to an inequality based system of survival / competition — CONSUMEd by Self-Preservation/Self Interest.

And, to say/accept that ‘I am not supposed to understand how things happen’ means, ‘I’m not supposed to understand how I get this money’, ‘I’m not supposed to understand’ how anything in this world as the system has come to be the way it is—all I’m supposed to do is do ‘what is most exciting to me in the moment’ – again, the eLITE benefit from the Human’s ignorance of the practical reality / system it is currently subject to. What are you going to do (in accepting such an existence of yourself)? How are you going to live? You’re going to only act in Self Interest — the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ — to CONsuME in Happiness — you’re not going to consider, for instance, how do we bring about an end to the abuse in this world? I mean, is that ‘exciting’? Does that ’cause excitement’ in you to face the extensive abuse and suffering daily in this world, and then to Actually take the steps—-well but, see already, again – you can’t! You can’t even go there! Because, to ‘go there’ and consider how to bring about the end of abuse you have to understand how it’s being created! How things happen! And according to Bashar, you’re not supposed to! You don’t ‘need to’! That’s not your responsibility! ‘Higher Mind’ understands. But look….there is no ‘Higher Mind’! That is an idea, that’s ‘hired’ as a little ’employee’ to which you can abdicate responsibility to, that’s actually in your Mind. So you’re ’employing’ this idea of a ‘Higher Mind’, to ‘hire out’ your responsibility to, so that you don’t have to face anything in this world that doesn’t stimulate you with an experience of excitement. (Free Choice? or Mind Control?) And according to Bashar the ‘excitement’, and the feelings that one experiences when ‘considering’ what one would like to do, is coming from ‘Higher Self’, ‘Higher Mind’, as like a ‘guidance system’ — (Why do ‘higher selves’ only guide people with MONEY to nice experiences? And the rest STARVE?) — And that’s just what you’re ‘supposed to do’.

But, in my Application of Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness over the past, more than three years what have I discovered? I uncovered the truth about the idea of a “Higher Self” as a ‘part of you’ apparently “Higher” up the ladder than ‘you here’ — this ‘Higher Self’ as the one that ‘knows how things happen’, and is ‘guiding you’ – and thus you’re ‘free’ to ‘enjoy the pretty pictures’, and ‘do what excites you’ – not concerning yourself with what’s going on
‘behind the ‘scenes’. The truth is that this is exactly the same as:
The structure of corporations and advertising within consumerism.
Where you don’t understand / see / care what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ – you just see the pretty pictures and follow the ones that excite you. And there are always some ‘beings / forces’ at work ‘behind the scenes’ that are ‘more than you’ — the CEOs, the ‘Wealthy Elite’, the ‘Governments’ – that are apparently ‘so powerful’, that the ‘best you can do’ is to ‘be happy’ and spread ‘excitement, love, bliss and light’. Which means you will never actually change anything, and will remain able to be manipulated by advertisements / movies / TV / Politicians — wherein you will support / buy / believe in / place hope and faith in anything that ‘makes you feel’ ‘positive’ / ‘excited’ = Never actually investigating and understanding HOW THINGS HAPPEN and WHAT IS GOING ON = Never taking Responsibility as an actual Creator Equal with what is Here = remaining a Slave of those who profit from the Human’s ignorance.

I’ve discovered that ‘excitement’ as, ‘ohh I’m excited right now!’, stimulated, energetic! ‘haha, positive!’, ‘haha, feeling – I’m so excited right now!! I’m so excited!!’ You know, you go into this Mood, ‘I’m in a excited mood right now! Ohh! I’m so excited about today! I’m in a good mood, I’m in a good mood, I’m in a good mood! Ha ha ha! I’m more laughable, and amiable today, and I’m just in a really good mood today, I’m so excited!! That would be so exciting to do!! Guys let’s go do that right now!!! Ha ha I’m so excited!!’
It’s like this little mini drug-trip sugar rush that comes over you. What have I discovered? Experiences like that, in fact – All feelings, and All emotions as then the Negative polarity point of ‘siiighh, I’m not excited anymore right now…ah I gotta look for the next point of excitement..’ I mean, that’s not Living! That’s what I’ve discovered. That’s actually a big Self-Deception Mind Fuck, to believe that that’s what Living is. Because, what did I immediately see when I began, the moment I identified – Ah, emotions and feelings–it is a Polarity, it is an energetic Polarity, within which I’ve enslaved myself within defining Life and Living and Self Expression to be existing within, ‘Positive Experiences’, and ‘Negative Experiences’ — and I must constantly find a balance, I mean, because I only want to experience the ‘Positive’ obviously. But why is the ‘Positive’ satisfying? Because it ‘feels better’ than when you’re experiencing the ‘Negative’. So you, you always are in this constant up and down, up and down, up and down — I need to find what’s ‘exciting!’ I don’t know what to do! What job do I get? What relationship do I go to? What do I do? I don’t know! What’s exciting? It’s, it’s a System. It’s like, depending on a System that’s designed within Separation of Self, within Separation of Self As Living, Self As – I Am Expressing Me, Here in every moment! Within Me Expressing Me in every moment, there is no ‘Positive / Negative’, there is no Energy, there is no ‘Mood’, there is no ‘excitement’, and ‘non-excitement’. It’s Me, Here — I Am Here. I Live, I Express, I Am Me, I Hear, I Am Here.

Within stopping self existing within and as energetic polarities as emotions and feelings, and remaining Here as Self – not as a system – in every moment of Breath in Self Honesty — one is then able to begin Knowing Thyself, and understanding how things happen / what is going on. In stopping the Mind as Energy and emerging Here in Self Honesty, Knowing Thyself – one is then no longer able to be energetically manipulated / controlled / influenced = one becomes CONSTANT. And, what I discovered was that, all the time that I was being directed by emotions and feelings in my world, I only ever ‘acted’ in Self-Interest, and the ‘pursuance’ of Self Gratification, of trying to get, have more and more ‘Positive’, ‘exciting’ experiences, I mean that was the whole ‘purpose’ of my life, was like, ‘how can I have the next ‘Positive’, ‘exciting’ experience. I mean that’s like, it’s just like being addicted to drugs. And cause at the same time I notice, oh wow this world’s fucked up. I really wish ‘something would happen’ that would make this world change, but, I was incapable of taking any action because, I was not, I did not understand what it is to Act, because I was directed by a System, within addiction to ‘Positive energy’ as Feelings, as ‘Excitement’.

Uncover the Hidden Truths of Reality, through uncovering the Truth of Self.

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  1. Great deconstruction Matt, thanks ! I have been a follower of Anraham Hicks, where the LOA and the Secret started, the message is similar, follow your good feelings that will lead you to your 'desires', onve he said 'reality is 99.9% created, it just therefore takes the input of the Human only for the 0.1% to make it happen but could never explain WHY he said that, that troubled me extensivly because I started to think that then reality WAS ALREADY EXISTANT somewhere and I was just moving along a script , which I was, led by the thought/emotion/feeling trinity so I would do ONLY what made me feel good and what made me feel good was my preprogrammed life 🙂 Quite a cunning plan 🙂 I have tried to post on the Abraham Hicks website but have not been able to find a way yet, I'm sure someone else is wondering about the Pie story, of mind your own Pie, never mind what others do with their PIE, they can put in any ingredient they want, but then in common sense who is wishing to get raped, beaten, tortured, murdered or starve ? here are many holes but until we are ready to drop the deception we are not either actively looking for them nor are we willing to hear, I kknow because 3 years ago, the first time I saw Sunette's videos of La Vey I thought she was possessed and NOT I AM POSSESSED 🙂
    Maybe you would like to deconstruct Abraham Hicks as well, I will look forward to your next posts, thanks Eleonora


  2. Hi Matti! You have a great point there! Me, I am a follower of Abraham-Hicks teachings and Bashar's too and they both encouraging us to follow our happiness and excitement and give up the struggle.. And i see nothing wrong with that.. We as humans have been struggling for a long time on this fear/survival/competitive system that we are all being part of.. can't you see how that benefits u? how many of us suffering in those system? This teachers teaches us that we create our own reality and that we have we are not meant to struggle and remain slaves of this system.. I am been into their teachings (Abe and Bashar) for years now and they didn't push us to integrate all their teachings and do literally all they teach but what they always tells us is that choose only what feels good and right for you at the moment. Choose things that seems right for you.. You are the creator of your own life not the system, not Abraham not Bashar but YOU! Get hold of your own power to choose and be the master of your life..

    But yes i do get ur point that what they've been teaching is out of our reality.. but what is your the real reality? You choose that everytime my friend.. Yes, the system is there already and that it is existant and that we cannot get away with the system fully.. we are living in polarity you can clearly see this.. where do u want to go? what do you choose? be the slave or be the creator of your own life? You got a hold on that power.. don't just follow what everyone says instead follow what ur heat says.. what feels good to you right at this moment by doing that u'll get out of the system..:)


  3. great stuff man, I think all the same things that you said/wrote as far as I can remember, only that I don't seems as convinced that bashar's teachings are wrong but then again these teachings I don't see how they can be proven to be so or proven not to be so, so they remain, as yet metaphysical. But yeah I too saw the deception that they may lead to, but I also have had quite some experience supporting the theorys in the teachings. nothing that couldn't be explained by esquisophrenia though but then again if one doesn't trust that our memories are true to past reality then knowledge is pretty much impossible so to speak. anyway life goes on until it doesn't.


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