Bashar and Acceptance and Allowance

Followers of Bashar: in Accepting that you are ‘not supposed to understand how things manifest in physical reality’ – you are Allowing and giving permission for physical manifested conditions such as poverty, starvation, rape, war, animal abuse, nature abuse, etc — this is simple mathematics of ONENESS see with common sense and Self Honesty

Acceptance and Allowance

Read “The Law of My Being” by Sunette Spies

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  1. hey matt,

    thanks for the post.

    I was wondering if you can tell me when the interdimensional porta first opened.

    I would like also to know which channels were genuine before the opening of the portal. Darryl Anka, for example, has been claiming to channel Bashar since 1986. While the LOA-related material he continues to present today obviously doesn't work (or someone would have attracted World Peace already, I figure), was there a time where humans actually were channeling higher-dimensional beings?



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