Lightworker Support: Home is HERE

Home is HERE – you’re already HERE – you don’t have to remember it — that which you re-member, is a picture in your MIND created through reading stories – where you re-cycle knowledge and information

we are already Equally HERE — the mind as the picture book is SEPARATION — an awesome thing happen when you bring yourself HERE as the Breath in every moment and start stopping the mind — you realize you are HERE, you’ve always been HERE, and that what is relevant is to do what is BEST FOR ALL HERE as LIFE not be a lightworker as a movie character in the MINEd.

In fact, you can see that you are Here, right now. It does not require some path or process of spiritual development or raising your vibration or working with energy or crystals or meditation, NO. It is to simply Breathe Here – to BE HERE AS BREATH – aware of each in and out breath. In this, you see that the only reason you miss a breath, is because you go into the MINED and start thinking and accessing all kinds of knowledge and ideas and beliefs and pictures. It is the kNOWledge that keeps you from seeing the simplicity that you are just HERE, and have always been HERE. And again, HERE is Equal for ALL — the HERE moment is not something that can be experienced as a lightworker, as a guru, as an ascended master — nope. Because, when you breathe HERE as BREATH EQUAL with ALL HERE — you see that you actually have to LEAVE HERE to GO INTO YOUR MIND, into your kNOWledge to experience yourself as a lightworker, as a guru, as an ascended master in the NOW of your MIND as KNOWLEDGE in separation of yourself as HERE. Yes, the mind is HERE from the perspective that it is not ‘somewhere else’. The mind is a system through which we have come to DELUDE ourselves to believe we are not HERE and that we are LOST and must remember who we are through some great a lengthy process of spiritual progression and evolution within which we are just here on Earth as part of a process of advancing through various levels and planes and progressions, where, when we die we believe we will move on to some higher plane to do other things than what is HERE on Earth.

This is just separation – a self delusion we have become addicted to, because within the ‘spiritual evolution and progression’ in the kNOWledge of the MIND, where we weave greater and greater webs of alternate mental realities as CONsciousness, we lead ourselves into our self interest and deceive ourselves that we are doing something great, that we are ‘good’, and that everything is ‘perfect’, and that this world is just ‘an illusion’ that we are ‘passing through’. Because, in this then we perceive that our only responsibility is to just keep ‘experiencing ourselves on our spiritual evolution and progression’. In this, since we’ve been HERE yet – not HERE, caught in the web of our own self woven delusional mental design of ‘spiritual progression and evolution’, we’ve never even seen that we are all Equal in essence as Life — that we are all HERE, and that no one is in fact in ‘their own reality’ — and that everything we do has a consequence – a CON-Sequence. Our accepted self-con of believing the lie of CONsciousness as the alternate reality of the NOW as kNOWledge in Self Interest, has INTERRED us in the mess we’ve created as all the sequential actions we’ve taken Here in the Physical from the starting point of being lost in the MINEd, not being HERE, not considering what is Best for All Here as Life, Equal and One. Thus we have a world with a system that operates from a starting point of complete separation – designed to fuel and support everyone to remain in their own MIND bubbles, not considering each other as Life. We have poverty, starvation, war, crime, greed, rape, the abuse of animals and nature — and the system does not care — because we’ve agreed that we must have a system that does not care, because we’ve agreed that we ourselves will not care — not care about what is HERE – not care about each other as LIFE – instead agreeing that we must have our own bubble existence as the mind of self interest. For us to exist in our own bubbles, we have to manifest a system that supports us to exist in our own bubbles — we thus created the system as it exists, because of how we have accepted ourselves to exist as bubbles in separation of HERE as Equality and Oneness of Life. Which is also why the money system functions through economic bubbles — yet we have not seen this because we are blinded by our own bubble which we are fighting to keep afloat in this ‘sink or swim’ world where without money – you cannot exist.

Within this, it becomes plain to see that spirituality, new age, lightworkers, religion — none of this has ever existed as support of Life. It has merely existed as a lifestyle experienced through the mind as a mind character in its own bubble. Not coming up with any practical solution to end the suffering of billions of being, to end separation in existence — because, the bubble itself as the mind, as consciousness as the NOW of kNOWledge, itself can only exist in separation which thus give permission for, and requires the world, the system to continue functioning as it exists currently. Because, when you are merely here on earth as part of your apparent ‘spiritual progression to higher realms and planes’ – you will never give a shit about Life – you will never dedicate and commit your time here on Earth in this life to do what is best for all, to perfect yourself as a being that in all ways considers what is best for all, and acts within what is best for all — because, to do this you would have to give up your experience of separation as the lightworker, as the guru, as the ascended master.

Having read this, you are now faced with a choice. The only real choice in existence. Will you stop the mind and be HERE and do what is best for All? Or will you decide to SPITE Life so you can remain in the mind as the NOW of kNOWledge and continue to have your ‘spiritual experience’?
The latter choice, in common sense, means you are choosing to be excluded from LIFE HERE — which means you are choosing to NOT EXIST — You are determining your own non-existence through excluding yourself from the Equation of Life, where to be included in LIFE, you must in common sense consider All Life as YOURSELF and STOP your bubble of separation. In choosing the bubble, you choose to deny yourself as Life, and thus choose to not exist.

For further perspective:
“If you look at the simplicity of the Equation, if you look at a person’s words, look at their actions, you can see clearly whether they are supporting as themselves what’s best for All, or not. If you don’t support what’s best for All, you are defending your own Self Interest, your own apparent ‘free will’. Within that you’re then disregarded by Existence completely because, you are not part of All, and you are showing that through your defending and your interest in only yourself. Your interest is not in Everyone and what’s best for Everyone, and accordingly your existence is directed by yourself. And when you then cross over obviously you are within that Equation of Self Interest, Directed – and not allowed access to All. Really simplistic. You either are for what’s best for All, or your are separated from the Whole in your own little bubble. You decide. The Only Choice that Exist.” -Bernard Poolman

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