Vegetables are plant meat

Vegetables are plant meat – animals are animal meat – humans are also meat – all meats meet as one as the dust of the earth – and all come forth equally with the same life essence.
Eating animals is eating ourselves – eating plants is eating ourselves – with this realization comes the end of the vegetarian as a lifestyle and self definition – which is shown to be just based on an idea that never considered all life equal.
We’re dealing with a very vast problem that requires each of us to take responsibility to consider all parts of the issue to be able to see what the solution. The issue is that we are in a programmed, designed reality where ourselves as life comes forth to function and develop within the parameters of plant, animals, or human here on earth. The obvious problem is that we’ve only ever seen the picture – the form – and never considered ourselves as equal as Life within and as this reality. So – we’re trapped in a design. How do we get out? Obviously none is free from this reality until ALL are free. And the current knowledge and information that defines the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the human being – if you take a moment and look – is based on separation as personality – as ego – which is why the vegetarian point has never been seen before – because importance and value have been given to knowledge as personality as self interest – instead of given to Life. So, time to start considering Life and stopping the Mind – stopping knowledge as the past passed on, and redefining, re-creating ourselves in all ways as aligned with what is best for all Life Here.
Starting with a new Economic system that is aligned with the mathematics of what is best for all, the Equal Money System.

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