Equal Money is the Logistics of Supporting Life

The only logistics that should exist in this world is the logistics of what is best for all – anything else in common sense is just neglect / belligerent.

The only reason it seems impossible to sort out this system is because logistically it is set up according to making profit – not supporting life – and thus a solution can not be found while remaining within the parameters of the logistics of the profit system.

The profit system must end – and what is already here must be reordered according to the logistics of what is best for all — it is rather simple in principle – that is the Equal Money System.

As a note, I am not an expert in logistics – I have never studied logistics. And I am not highly educated in economics. I simply have learned to look at what is here using Common Sense. Common Sense is simply that which is best for all. And that which is best for all is easy to see if I place myself as everyone in this world as Life – as the Whole – and then look at in common sense, what is practically required to be given to everyone to ensure all parts function within dignity and with sufficient support to develop effectively. According to this simple consideration of what is best for all, it is then just a matter of working out the mathematics, the logistics of how to move around what is here provided by the Earth, within the already established infrastructure / system that exists.

A system that provides for everyone equally is common sense, because in my experience with living in an environment where all have equal support, each participant within the group / community gets to focus on themselves – has the time and support to develop the things they are naturally good at, and then apply themselves within the group in a way that is satisfying and also productive. With the first priority being the maintenance / upkeep of the support environment – which, when all are contributing to this in the way that is best suited to them, results in a far lighter overall workload for each person. When all contribute to what is best for all, then all are able to continue to enjoy an environment in which they are supported, which means none has to slave away longer than necessary just for the sake of their survival / living support. This eliminates stress, and places everyone on an Equal playing field in terms of being able to then pursue that which you are passionate about. This eliminates unhealthy competition based on greed and winning and trampling everyone under you in the race to the top to be the ‘top survivor’, and enables rather healthy competition from the starting point of each having the time and support to focus on self perfection and self expression, and pushing and supporting each other to become more effective in their skills and self expression, through sharing as equals and giving feedback as equals, where everyone is enjoying themselves equally as everyone has the equal support to enjoy themselves and thus can enjoy each other as there is no jealousy for the things that make life great, because everyone has those things.

This I have experienced during my time spend on the Desteni Farm – where we in essence are testing out what an Equal system would be like. What we are finding is that in an Equal System the Human Being is able to flourish and develop in a healthy way, because everyone is able to be happy, and achieve self satisfaction, not just a few who are able to get money. And we have also proven for ourselves that we as Human Beings are able to in fact change ourselves – change our nature – transcend and stop thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, motivations that are based in self interest, greed, jealousy, limitation. We do this through the application of Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness. We have established that the Human Being is able to perfect itself as a responsible being that does what is best for all – gives to another what we would like for ourselves through an Equal System – and that when we do this, we actually start to create a world of Life, a world for Life, a world where we ARE Life.

Join us in the journey of Self Perfection, and the Process of bringing about a new system, for a New World based on the logistics / common sense of what supports all life as One as Equal.

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