Equal Money System: Will Criminals Be Locked Up? What’s The Rehabilitation Procedure?

The first point to understand here is that the vast majority of crime will end almost overnight with the Equal Money System. This is simply because the vast majority of crime – such as theft, muggings, break ins, murder and violence, mafias, prostitution, smuggling, drug dealing, poaching, counterfeiting, hacking, pirates, car theft, black market activities, etc, etc – is because of the need for money / want of money / desire to control money. In the Equal Money System all a person’s needs – and this includes all that which makes life on Earth pleasurable, entertaining, and fulfilling – will be provided as a basic Human Right. This is done within the Common Sense understanding that when a Human Being is deprived the basic necessities of life, and made to become a slave that must work to survive under threat of poverty and loss, and made to compete with its fellow Human Being to ‘attain to’ higher qualities of life through getting more money, all kinds of problems are created, including all of the above mentioned ‘criminal activities’. I mean it should be obvious Common Sense that to have a system of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, results in the manifestation of envy, jealousy, greed, corruption, desire for power and control – because, in the current money system where some have and some have not – the more money you have, the better life YOU can have, and you’ll do whatever it takes to keep what you have to prevent it being taken away by someone else who doesn’t have what YOU have. So you have a basic Human Psychology that consists of ‘Desire to have’, and ‘Fear to lose what I have’ – and this applies to even the most basic of living necessities like food and water and clothing. I mean, there are places in the world where children fight each other for a few grains of rice or a bit of water. And – we’ve always existed this way. We’ve never had a system where all are provided for. So for centuries the Human Being has been programmed to behave, think, feel, and perceive itself through the eyes of the logic of ‘how to survive and get what I need and want’, and ‘how to prevent what I need and want from being taken away’. The current ‘Human Nature’ found throughout the world is based on this ‘survival logic’. I mean, we have created ‘survival of the fittest’ through accepting that we must exist within a system where some have and some have not. We have accepted it as ‘normal’ that we must exist with the fear and anxiety of losing what we have, and the desire and want to get what we need.
And if you have a look at all the systems of culture, family, religion – it is all fundamentally based upon the foundation of ‘how can I survive and protect what I have’. Entire nations have been built upon this foundation – where the more money you can get, the more power you can have – the more dominance of the Earth you can have, and the safer you will feel. This is why people go to war – it is for survival of the fittest – the fittest being those who have gradually become the most wealthy and powerful people, that pass on that wealth and power generation after generation. And since the money systems of the world do not support everyone Equally with education and living requirements sufficient to be able to always ‘follow the rules’, you have people that ‘break the rules’ to be able to survive and exist in this world. And I mean, they are simply doing what we are giving them permission to do – which is to act from the starting point of getting what they need to survive and have a life. We give permission for survival motivated crime because we ourselves accept it as normal to only act within our own desire to survive and have a life. The real crime is the acceptance of a system that does not from birth to death support all Equally to have an effective and dignified Life. The real crime is to accept a system in which money can be abused to exploit and enslave those who have less than you, in order to get more for yourself. And I mean, crime is a behavior manifestation found in both those without education / access to the system, and those with education / access to the system. You have things like the mafias and insider trading and all kinds of theft and corruption taking place in the ‘higher realms’ of the system – amongst those who already have money. And why? Because it does not matter how much money you have, or whether or not you are able to make money ‘following the rules’. There will always be crime in the current system within both the upper and lower echelons of Society because the current conditioned Human Nature is to act in Self Interest to always get and have more for yourself through finding ways to get and control Money. I mean, in a system where you could suffer if you lose what you have, and where you must ‘earn’ even your basic survival, you always need money and so you will always find the fastest, easiest way to get money to survive and have a Life. There is no ‘respectable’, or ‘honorable’ or ‘good’ way to live in the system as it currently exists – because the entire system is built upon a foundation of inequality as the accepted way of life on Earth. A foundation of valuing not Life – but valuing MONEY as this magic genie that, once you get hold of it – THEN all your dreams and wishes can come true. And the rules we have accepted is that you must exist under threat that your survival may be taken away, through making survival and living something that must be constantly worked and labored for – and doing what? Doing work that benefits only those who make a profit. And if you try and get money some other way, you will be locked up in prison and called a criminal – locked up in a small box, labeled as a defective tool and kept in storage. But has this ever stopped crime? NOPE, NEVER. Why? Because the problem is not the ‘criminal’ – the problem is the System. The rules of the system support the continued existence of crime, through supporting the continued struggle for survival.

In the Equal Money System – ALL crime related to money and surviving and getting the things a Human Being requires to have a dignified, pleasant experience on Earth – will CEASE to exist. Because having an effective and dignified life will simply be a basic Human Right for All – and the system will be ordered in such a way that facilitates access to everything one needs to live effectively. Labor and work will no longer exist as enslavement to those with all the money who make a profit off of your work – we will no longer have a system where someone is able to profit off another. We will have a system where labor and work is structured in a way that supports what is Best for All – where part of one’s work will consist of a relatively short period of time in one’s life contributing (in the way that you are best suited to, and that you enjoy), to the maintenance and functioning of the system in terms of the production and upkeep of the industries that will provide us with what we need to live an effective life. And then things like ‘careers’ will be something that you choose to do because you would like to do it and you’ve had the time and support in your life from birth to discover what you are good at, and what is fulfilling for you.

I mean, things like theft simply will be irrelevant because everyone will have what they need, and will no longer exist within either the ‘desire to get and have what you need’, or the ‘fear of losing what you have’. The entire concept of ‘haves and have nots’ will cease to exist. Because all will have. Money will not exist as it does now – it will be more of a system to monitor Earthlings to make sure everyone has what they need. No one will ever go hungry, no one will ever need to ne jealous or envious of the ‘stuff’ that another person has – because everyone will have the best of everything. Things like selling drugs, prostitution, violence committed for money – none of these things will exist at all.

Those who are currently incarcerated for money related crimes will not remain in a box – they will be placed in dignified living arrangements and receive Psychological support so that they are able to be free of their past behavior patterns that were based in survival. Once rehabilitated, they will participate in the world just like everyone else. I mean, most ‘criminals’ will re-enter society fairly quickly, as many money motivated crimes were simply committed in a moment of desperation or anger or other emotional state shaped by the conditions the person was experiencing within the current money system, and in the Equal Money System, the entire ‘setup’ for such crimes will no longer exist.

Criminals who have severe Psychological dysfunction that is not necessarily related to money directly, will remain removed from the general society, where they are not able to harm others. However they will not be kept in a box – they will be given dignified living conditions in which they will receive support.
Those who are rehabilitated and change themselves will re-enter society. Understand that in the Equal Money System, severe Psychological dysfunction such as deliberately harming, raping, killing etc – will be far easier to identify and manage, as all money related ‘crimes’ will no longer exist.

There will be no tolerance of abuse. Human Beings will be supported to learn to live to the fullest as Life, in honor of Life, respecting our Equality as Life, striving to establish and create the best possible existence for All – and this includes Animals and Nature as well. This is actually simple Common Sense. Those who would harm others as an act of spitefulness – including all current ‘world leaders’ that will be found guilty of crimes against life such as allowing poverty and starvation and war, will be removed from society and given support to rehabilitate themselves and change. Self Forgiveness is the most powerful tool of change available in the Universe. We will not spite those who have committed crimes. We will not harm those who have committed crimes. We as Destonians stand as living examples of how we as Human Beings are able to change ourselves. We come from many different walks of life, and have  proven to ourselves that we are able to transcend extensive Psychological problems such as anger, depression, violence, jealousy, greed, deception, etc. A prominent part of the Equal Money System will be the support available to All, to learn the Universal Self Tools of Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness ‘built into’ each of us, so that none has to remain trapped within the patterns of the past, the patterns of fear, desire, envy, contempt, spitefulness, greed, self interest that are supported to exist by the current money system.

Those who refuse support, and refuse to change, and attempt to harm and abuse others in the name of their own Self Interest will simply remain removed from society, as they have made the choice to not participate as Life, but to disregard Life.

It is suggested to begin the process of Self Change even before the Equal Money System is established. Courses are available through Desteni I Process, within which one will begin walking one’s process of learning to identify and transcend all that of one’s self that has been shaped and programmed by the current money system. Call it a process of ‘Self Rehabilitation to become Life’. Because, we have always only existed as ‘survival systems’, and have never experienced a world in which we are supported to actually discover who we really are, here in this Existence. The Equal Money System will facilitate the rehabilitation of Humanity to become Beings who honor Life, and create Heaven on Earth. Eventually, within the Equal Money System those who refuse to change will eventually die, and gradually the past will fade away as we emerge into a New World.



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  1. It is good to see that we have so many people through natures redundancy it seems like some of us are producing similar works. I have my own blog describing a system like you are talking about but I work off of the actual data necessary to produce the next stage leading to the ultimate evolution. Your writing is sound and the effects listed with switching to what I have termed “Lifeism” will indeed accomplish everything this “equal money” system will.



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