Will Borders Still Exist in an Equal Money System?

Why do borders exist in the world today?
Borders exist because different countries / governments have been established over time, and each country has its own contained economic system and things like natural resources and land which the country ‘owns’, or which are privately ‘owned’ by individuals or corporations. Countries are connected through trade agreements and military alliances for example, but the primary ‘purpose’ of each individual country is to protect itself / protect what it ‘owns’, and utilizes borders to protect and control the functionality of its specific economy for instance, by controlling the number of immigrants and preventing ‘illegal immigrants’ from ‘taking jobs’. So, really the ‘reason’ for borders as they exist in the world currently is based on ‘security’ and ‘control’. I mean this is very easy to see in the example of Israel and Palestine, where you have two ‘separate’ groups that each perceive they have ‘claim’ to the land, and so the border represents the ‘edge’ of what a specific group of Human Beings have been able to establish their ‘claim’ over – and because each ‘group’ believes they have the ‘right to protect and assert ourselves because this is who we are’, you end up with countries acting a lot like bumper cars. This was especially prominent activity if you look at history during the period within which people were still doing a lot of conquering and ‘expansion’ – basically ‘laying claim’ to land, in the name of whoever had the most money, which was usually kings and queens, and then drawing ‘borders’ around the edge of the land that had been claimed.

However, the whole accepted idea that Human Beings must ‘claim’ and ‘own’ certain land for whatever reason whether religious or because of resources, obviously has resulted in the manifestation of continuous war and conflict – where the ‘interests’ of one ‘separate group’ of Human Beings as a ‘Nation’, conflict in some way with the interests of another ‘separate group’, and each is attempting to preserve its ‘hold’ over land and resources that fulfill its interest, whether that interest is religious or more related to natural resources.

But, are borders necessary to exist? In the Equal Money System there will be no borders as they exist now. Borders will not be necessary because there will be nothing to defend or protect. Defense and protection currently only exist as the protection of Self Interest – as in the Self Interest of a particular nation including its dominant religion, and its economy. In the Equal Money System the only ‘economy’ that will exist will be a global ‘eco-system’ ordered in a way that is Best for All. The EMS includes ALL beings on Earth as the one, basic ‘world social group’ and is based on the Common Sense that no matter who you are or where you are, the same support must exist everywhere – everyone must have access to the same support systems so that everyone is able to live equally effectively. And through the use of technology and existing infrastructure, each member of the world society is able to be kept track of to ensure everyone is always provided for and that no abuse exists. People will no longer have the need to go to a different country to find ‘better opportunities’, because in the Equal Money System there is ONE system within which everyone Equally has opportunity to develop an effective life. Thus eliminating the need for ‘economical borders’ and also ‘governmental borders’ because there will exist no ‘governments’ – there will exist an administration based on ensuring effective functioning of the system and effective support for All on Earth, where decision making is based on what is Best for All.

Land will not be ‘owned’ by anyone – because the land is not here to ‘own’ and be controlled for profit and power over others. The land that is Here, is to be used by us as Earthling as One – not to be owned.
It is our responsibility to participate with each other, the animals, and with nature in a way that is best for all and Honors Life, Honors the Earth that provides Earthlings with resources which can be used by Human Beings to effectively support not only ourselves, but also Animals and Nature. The Human’s Self Interest will not be allowed to influence how land is used – because the Human does not have that right – that is merely EGO based on an accepted Self Separation from Life – where one values one’s self as an individual above Life as Equal and One Here in All.

Since everyone in the Equal Money System is included within the same system worldwide – there is no need for borders from the perspective of travel, because one’s identity will be known wherever you go and things like smuggling and other money related ‘travel crimes’ simply will not exist – because there will no longer be a ‘profit to be made’ from such things, because profit will not exist – because money will not have value – LIFE will have value, there thus will not exist an ‘exterior / separate’ manifestation as actual ‘currency’ with value unto itself, that is able to be abused / controlled / stolen / used to manipulate others. Travel will be something anyone can do, and there will be no ‘cost’ involved. You will thus be able to live in an area you find to be the most effective for you in terms of what you choose to do with your life – whether you choose to participate in a career, or create a specific thing, or provide a service to people – or just explore.

There will be different cultural areas on Earth, depending on where you go geographically, as there are now – so ‘borders’ will exist from the perspective of different cultural and geographical areas – not as ‘governments and nations that own land and claim a certain area’ and then have a line drawn around it’.

Borders, like everything else in the Equal Money System, will be based on Common Sense practical considerations of what is Best for All as that which values Life Equal and considers Humans, Animals and Nature as Earthlings Here living on our Home called Earth, not on opinions and beliefs and ideas and definitions created by Human Beings who have been shaped in fear, division, and self interest by Separation.

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