Defining ‘Want’ in in Self Honesty

In Desteni I Process I am uncovering the information, the words, the definitions that I have accepted as the foundational ‘building blocks’ of my behavior and entire perception / experience of myself and my world. In doing this I am able to apply the Equality Equation to each word, each definition I uncover, to see whether the definitions I am living are actually supporting me or not. In applying the Equality Equation I evaluate the definition I have been living to see whether it supports me to live in Self Honesty in a way that is Best for All, or whether it supports me to live in Self Delusion. The more I investigate how I’ve actually created myself and what information actually forms the basis of all my thoughts, feelings and emotions as Mind, the more I’ve begun to see and understand how we’ve created the world as it exists. And in standing as Life as All as One as Equal and taking Self Responsibility to, within this process of Self Investigation / Self Understanding, consider what is best for all, I am then able to see how to change myself through redefining the words I am living from the starting point of considering how to live within Common Sense and Self Honesty as Life in a way that supports / accumulates what is Best for All. And in this, I then start to see how the world is required to be re-ordered in a way that is Best for All.

Here I’ve taken the word ‘Want’, from within a Mind Construct I’ve been working on as part of Desteni I Process, and redefined it, considering practical Self Honest living. First you would want to have a look at ‘Want’ as it is currently lived / defined by Human Beings within the consumerist society that currently exists, where ‘Want’ is generally used in unawareness of Self, as wanting to gratify some desire to feel or experience one’s self  a certain way through either buying something, meeting with someone, participating in some activity without consideration of what is in fact going on in this world and how we are all creating what is here, and what in fact is best for all, and whether one is participating within Self Honesty or not. For example, take this following statement from my Mind Construct: “I should have access to money quickly and without effort, doing things I want to do”. This statement has formed part of my personality throughout my life, through having been raised in a family environment in which I received financial support and encouragement to do the things I enjoy, and where I was not educated as to how this world actually works, in terms of us being within a system where survival and basic living requirements is only possible if one is able to work within the rules of the capitalistic system effectively to make MONEY. I had accepted the idea that the world is here to support me in what I want to do – because that is the family environment I experienced. However, having this idea caused me to resist working and doing jobs that I ‘did not like or want to do’. So, I ended up in a quite limited and frustrated position because I was believing that ‘I should be supported to do the things I want to do’ which was in conflict with the reality of how this system functions – where, you must firstly earn money to be able to ‘to what you want to do’. Within this I want then also not considering that it is not just ME here – it is many other beings all within this system, and that within this system the majority of beings is suffering and struggling extensively due to the system not being designed to support Life at all – but only support some to make a profit. None of that entered into my consideration at all within the statement of “I should have access to money quickly and without effort, doing things I want to do” – because I had not been born into a system where one is supported to develop Self Honesty and to consider All Life, and what is Best for All – I had been born into a system where one exists within the consideration of one’s own survival and self interest. Therefore, what I’ve done here is to redefine ‘Want’ in a practical way that supports me to, in a moment of ‘want’, see in Self Honesty what is actually going on inside me – so that I can then take effective action within Self Responsibility to correct any Self Dishonest within my Starting Point. I now live the word ‘Want’ One and Equal with me – as Who I Am – where I am the Directive Principle of the word I am Living, and the Principle I stand as, is Self Honesty within the consideration of what is Best for All.

1.   A word to describe what I would like to eat /drink, etc based on an actual indication from the body – For example: I want some water (because the body indicates a requirement for water through thirst). Self Honesty must be applied to determine if the want is based on a starting point of addiction, or if the starting point is of Self Support / Self Expression. For example: Drinking coffee because one enjoys it – not because one has become addicted to a Mind based / Energetic based ‘requirement’ for coffee – where one then resists stopping coffee or becomes angry and irritable if one ‘does not get my coffee’.

2.  A word used to indicate I would like to experience or use something which must be used within the consideration of what is best for all – Example: I want some new shoes (questions to be asked: is this a desire based on an idea / picture in my mind only? Do I actually require new shoes? Also what must be considered is what are all the steps that went into producing / creating the shoe; who produced the shoe / what materials were used and where did they come from / who is benefitting from the shoe’s production and selling; for example if it was produced by laborers in china for low wages so that someone can make a profit, it must be seen that this is not best for all and must stop, and self must identify if one’s starting point of buying the show contains any point of self interest / self gratification / desire as mind that has been shaped by the current system as consumerism which is designed for profit making and does not consider what is best for all. Within this one must also realize that if one buys a ‘fairly produced’ shoe still from the starting point of a picture / desire to look a certain way / have others see you a certain way / wanting to feel good about yourself / any feeling or emotion as an energetic mind experience within self interest – this is still tacitly giving permission for the entire consumer system to exist as it does – and it must be realized that if one has accepted oneself to be defined / directed through feelings and emotions as self interest and believe this to be who you really are – you give permission for everyone else to be directed / defined by feelings and emotions as self interest and thus support the entire consumer system that makes a profit off manipulating people through feelings and emotions as self interest).

3.  Can also be used to identify if there are points of suppression – if one is ‘wanting’ to do / express something because one is actually suppressing themselves / not living and thus have manifested a desire toward a projected idea of that which is being suppressed. For example: I am afraid to speak directively and assertively with others when it is required, because I fear confrontation and so suppress myself – manifesting the want / desire to be more assertive and directive.

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