Is my True Identity Energy? And is my Life an Illusion?

“Everyone thing you perceive you to be you is based on derivatives of this “physical” experiences. Until you realize your true Identity as energy. Death is an illusion, just as your current life is. “

If death is an illusion, then just kill yourself – but careful, common sense shows your personality will cease to exist, because I mean if you look at your personality it did not exist at birth – you created it in your mind as you were programmed with a language and programmed with definitions and learned to think and make beliefs – when you die your body returns to the earth – and you required your physical body to sustain your mind system with energy to think and use language, as well as eat, shit and piss — so that means without your physical body here in this physical reality you would not have been able to develop yourself as a personality – the personality you are currently commenting here as.

Who benefits from your statement : “death is an illusion, and your life is an illusion”? the ones who benefit from you participating in this is the ones with power and control in this world – because when everything is an illusion and your ‘true identity as energy’ is apparently awaiting for you after death, then you will just accept the system as it is and never do anything to change this world – never take responsibility for what is accepted and allowed to go on in this world – war, poverty, starvation, rape, greed, animal abuse — do you realize the atrocities going in daily in this world because of the money system? And you will never make a difference because currently as ‘energy’ you are not able to do what is best for all – will never take any practical action in support of life because you don’t care about life – you only care about your idea of yourself being ‘energy’ and will simply look at what is here and make up stories that justify why it exists, stories that are always and only in line with your definition of yourself as an energy personality, as this idea of ‘eternal energy’ that will continue beyond death, where you are actually just imagining / fantasizing about flying around and experiencing yourself as energy in your mind, and then placing hope / faith / trust that this will actually happen when you die – why? So that you can feel better about your life and feel like you don’t have to really pay attention to / worry about / consider what is going on in this world / in your life because after all it’s ‘just an illusion’. So all your actions in this world, in this life will only support your self interest as your ideas and fantasies about yourself as ‘energy’ and what will your physical participation in this world actually consist of? You will simply accept the rules of the system, accept the system completely and give permission for abuse to continue, and simply keep participating as a consumer, here to earn money to support your survival and lifestyle in this world – remaining a profit-making tool for those with the power and control and influence in this world – those who enslave billions so that they can have a nice life while the rest suffer.

You will remain a slave – that never empowers yourself with actual understanding of how we have made this world the way it is, how we have made ourselves the way we are, and how we came to this point where there is so much abuse, so much suffering, so much pain, so much inequality, so much neglect and abuse of life going on daily — you will never question the suffering because you will continue to justify it through your delusional and self interested idea that everything is ‘just an illusion’ so you can keep waiting for death and keeping yourself entertained in the meantime – never even noticing that the only reason you are able to participate in your ideas and beliefs of yourself as ‘energy’ in the first place is because you have sufficient access to money to be able to buy yourself a relatively comfortable existence in this world — not noticing that those born into less fortunate conditions with no chance of success in this world are in constant agony here as you are prancing around in your mind talking about energy and illusions, never caring about life and thus never caring about finding a solution to make this world a place that supports everyone to live without suffering.

Time to wake up and care about life – time to realize the ego and separation of saying that this world is just an illusion, the suffering of billions of beings is just an illusion, and that your only responsibility in being here on Earth is to fantasize about pretty pictures and ideas about energy and spirituality and make yourself feel nice, deceiving yourself and others in presenting yourself as a ‘wise and good being’ when in fact your only interest is in your own experience of yourself as a personality defined by ideas and pictures of ‘energy’ in your mind, and in fact you have no practical perspective to offer as to how to in fact stop suffering and how to live in a way that is best for all, WHILE WE ARE HERE ON EARTH IN THIS LIFE. That is like, seriously sociopathic, psychotic behavior.

For support in bringing an end to aeons of separation and abuse as creators, and to develop the actual skills of self realization and self perfection to become a being that is able to effectively use your time here to bring about heaven on earth, join Desteni I Process

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