Do Spiritual Pictures Raise My Vibration?

This is a picture. When I was a lightworker I used to feel all kinds of nice feelings when looking at spiritual pictures, and believed the picture is ‘raising my vibration’, and that in this I am becoming somehow a more effective human. In fact a picture does not have the power to create feelings or ‘raise your vibration’. All such experiences – if you just look at it – are created by YOU in your own mind through your positive and negative value judgments placed in association with the picture / color, et. And these feelings do not make you effective in taking responsibility to bring about in physical actuality a world that is best for all – they are just a self interested escapist experience as energy reality, that you only have the time and support to participate in because you have enough money to live in comfort in this world – all your basic needs are taken care of by MONEY – not by feelings and pictures and light and love. Spirituality is a a mental indulgence lifestyle only possible if your basic needs are taken care of which requires MONEY. Give a starving child a million pictures of mandalas and starships and angels and the child will still starve to death – go ahead and test it out.

Suffering beings do not need love and light – they require an actual new system that will uplift them out of poverty. This requires physical logistics and planning and consideration, and must be implemented through political means – using what is physically here to bring about a physically-here solution.
Stop being possessed by pictures / feelings / light / love as self-created mind experience. Get into the Physical – Stand as Life Here as All as One as Equal – Life does not need pictures and feelings to live – to require pictures and feelings implies you are extremely limited. If you are living you do not need to feel like anything – because you are YOU as LIFE Living HERE in every moment – not as a picture, as LIFE.

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