2012 – the Year to End Anonymity

To remain Anonymous is to live double lives. I do not use anonymity or a fake name because I will not live a double life, hiding behind personality. I will not pretend change, and I will not pretend I care when my moment by moment actions only reflect self interest and acceptance of abuse. I must be able to be trusted to do what is best for all, in every moment of breath. My moment by moment actions must always be from a starting point that will always accumulate only what is best for all. And I first must change myself so that I prove to myself I do what is best for all in every moment of breath.

That which I live by must be principle that stands eternally, in all moment, all scenarios, all dimensions, all existences, all interactions, all expressions as that which only accumulates what is best for all. This principle I found when I found Desteni. It is the simple point of standing as all as one as equal as myself, and looking at the starting point of how I am participating, and how we are all participating in this world. Is it from the point of each standing as all as one as equal and considering what is best for all as our neighbor, as our equal, as ourselves? Currently, no. Within this came the realization that I must now begin walking through all dimensions of myself, as who and who I currently exist – getting to know all my thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, hopes, fears, behavior – but this time, looking at myself fresh, from a constant, stable point – which is me, here, breathing in every moment as I stand as all as one as equal, here as breath – and begin stopping all that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist and participate within and as, which was not from the starting point awareness of considering what is best for all as one as equal. This I began doing through self honesty, writing, and self forgiveness.

 I found no application like this within spirituality – as within spirituality I found only methods of weaving realms and dimensions of imagination and fantasy in my mind based on self interest as the desire to escape and have a blissful experience – never considering that bliss should be here for all, here on earth, as a living reality — and that we must actually create such a world – create it HERE as ONE dimension. Multiple dimensions and planes and levels only indicates an acceptance of inequality – used as justification to allow the suffering of another and focus only on ‘me feeling good, and me feeling bliss’. Let 2012 be the year where we return our focus to Earth, to the Physical – to ONE dimension, united as Breath, and begin walking as One as Breath, Equal as Life.



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