2012 What is it to Care for Life? Is Light and Love Real Care?

What is it to care about Life? To care for Life? 

Is it to say words like: 
‘I am light and love and the essence of all things is light and love’?
‘2012 is the time when I will ascend into a higher dimension and be less physical’
Is it to believe that:
‘when all of humanity owns crystals, and mandalas, and bright colored clothing, and meditates 3 hours a day while repeating a mantra, and eats only raw food and doesn’t use swear words, then we will be spiritually evolved’?
‘suffering is part of the being’s choice they made before they were born, and simply is part of their beautiful spiritual path, part of their free will to learn whatever it is they chose to learn through suffering, and thus poverty and starving children, as well as children and other people getting bombed and raped, is a beautiful, perfect aspect of the sovereign free will and free choice of those beings’?
Have I achieved and mastered a higher, divine order of living and caring for Life when I can say ‘It doesn’t matter what is happening in the world, no matter how much suffering and destruction is being experienced by humans, animals, and nature – I have achieved the ability to look at it all and say ‘ahh, I accept what is, everything is perfect, I am of bliss, I am of light, I am of love, and now I have transcended the earth and am ready to ascend into a heavenly realm where I will fly around and drink glowing nectars of light and sing songs of love and light for all eternity, surrounded by glowing rainbows and crystal light body galactic starships’?
If my life on earth was 100,000 years long — if the universe decided that, since I am so advanced as a light-being that I must stay another 100,000 years on earth, in the physical and assist humanity, assist the animals, and assist the plants and create heaven on earth – would I continue doing what I am doing right now as a lightworker? How long will I have to wait until the ‘rich and powerful leaders of the world’, and ‘those of the dark’, will awaken to light and love and ‘change their ways’? How many more decades will people starve to death while I wait for the rich and powerful elite leaders of the world to awaken to ‘light and love’ and ‘change their ways’? Will they be the ones to come up with a new system once they’ve awakened to ‘light and love’? What suggestions will I give when they ask me, the masterful being of light, advice about what kind of new system to design that supports life, now that they have realized the error of their ‘dark ways of greed’? Will I tell them to send the poor people and the starving people light and love? Do the starving people have to make a new system themselves?
It’s time to realize that ascension, spirituality, new age, light and love is simply a distraction from our responsibility – from the harsh reality of our responsibility. We are simply wanting to ‘soften’ the harsh reality of what exists in this world, by painting over it in our minds with soft, glowing colors, and easy sounding solutions like ‘send everyone light and love’, and believing that we are making a difference by doing this. But, when faced with the questions above, in seeing the absolute delusional nature of the way light and love is presented as the ‘solution’, when in fact such presentations actually exist in spitefulness of other beings by letting them suffer while we just ‘send them light and love’, and proclaim that we are ‘advanced, higher and enlightened beings’ – this being actually self spitefulness because if we were in the position of those suffering in poverty and starvation because we don’t have money, we would like the rich human beings presenting themselves as lightworkers to come up with an actual solution while I am still alive – instead of leaving me to die, proclaiming to the world that my death of starvation was my ‘free will and free choice’ that I made before I even was born, and how my death of starvation is ‘the perfection of the love of the universe’, or other such statements — where, if I as the lightworker place myself in the position of the starving person, I would see the lightworker as neglectful of the reality of the problem that is required to be solved – I would see the lightworker as using their time and money to live a new age lifestyle, making themselves happy and blissful and proclaiming the perfection of ‘what is’, while I suffer in agony simply because I was born in the wrong part of the world without access to money
There is no way to ‘soften’ the reality of what we are accepting and allowing to exist in this world. 
And ‘care’ cannot be just words and pretty pictures and ideas – it must be who we are, it must be the action we take in actual support of Life, in actual consideration of what is relevant — how do we feed the beings on earth? How do we support the animals and nature in a way where we are not unnecessarily harming them? How do we design a new system for earth? 
And caring for Life must start with stopping ourselves participating within delusional ideas, beliefs, and self definitions that support humanity to remain within a self interested mind-created bubble through which we view the world through the lens of a ‘soft and glowing perfection of love and light’, when it is obvious that the only thing this accumulates in is the perpetuation of the attitude that it is okay to say everything is perfect, and ‘all we need is love’, when we are not in fact living in actual love of each other as Life, not coming up with a practical solution for this world, but only remaining as consumers, consuming money, consuming resources, consuming the physical in our pursuit of ‘higher mental planes of bliss and light and love and happiness’, as we let billions suffer needlessly.
Assist and support yourself to stop the mind, and stand one and equal with what is here, to become an earthling who’s actions will support in bringing about a new world for real.
The way we will prove we care for Life, is to stop our own self-separation from life into and as a bubble of self interested escapism within light and love, and bringing about a new system of Equality – the Equal Money System – that brings Life out of needless suffering. 
It is 2012 — time for a real shift – a shift where we start evaluating ourselves with self honesty, with common sense, and get our heads out of the clouds. Each moment that passes is another moment in which billions of beings needlessly suffer. What will we tell them if we have to stand face to face with all beings who have suffered and died needlessly because of the money system we are accepting – ‘well, I sent you lots of light and love…did it help?’ Time to stop hiding in spirituality, and focus on the HereReality. It’s time to help ourselves to stop our self delusions of self interest, so we can focus on helping all Life Equal. 
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