Day 20 – Spiritual Integrity Vs. Life Integrity

This blog is regarding the message of Bashar, which suggests that the best way to live is to ‘Follow One’s Highest Excitement with Integrity’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize and see that in accepting ‘following my excitement’ as my starting point, that I allow everyone else to also ‘follow their excitement’ which includes anyone who is excited by violence, rape, war, greed, abuse, manipulation, bullying, self interest
I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to see and realize that merely saying ‘everyone should follow their excitement with integrity and not harm anyone else’, is not valid, as within this I have not actually defined what integrity is within considering all consequences that can be created as an outflow from one’s starting point both as an individual and as the group as humanity
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that following my excitement and not physically harming another being does not mean that I am not allowing / supporting harm and abuse to exist, as for example if my excitement is to use my time and money within this current money system to pursue only entertainment, leisure, and my own survival, then I am setting the example of acting in self interest within acceptance of an abusive money system while not coming to a practical solution for a new system that is best for all – wherein within this I am allowing all of the abuse within the current system to continue, because the only thing I focus on / care about is my own excitement / entertainment / leisure / pastimes / lifestyle / experiences / survival
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see and realize that the things which excite me, are all things that I can do with money – enjoying nature, taking walks, making art, reading a book, cooking, visiting with friends, seeing a movie – everything that I have access to is because I have money – and that those without money in this world, do not have the same choices I do – and many are in a condition where survival is a daily struggle and the most exciting thing possible is to steal some food, or beat someone up and take their money so that they can buy food
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that as a person with money I am one of the elite of the world with the power to be an influence for real practical change – but that instead of researching and investigating how a new system that supports all life can be created and implemented, I am using my position for my own entertainment – which does not indicate a starting point of integrity
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define Integrity as a feeling I have that I am a good person – instead of realizing that it is easy to make myself feel like I am a good person, but can I really be any good to Life when I am not ensuring that the structural and logistical integrity of the world system is such that is enables all to have a dignified life?
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that I’ve lost myself in my own experience of feelings and thoughts, allowing myself to become a slave to energy where what I do physically in this world is determined by whatever energetic experience is possessing me in the moment – wherein, I am not Here, Present, Aware, Directing Myself in the Physical Reality I Share with billions of other beings with Principle that stands as what is best for all — wherein I have allowed myself to use my share – and more than my share – of support, to support only my own experience in my own mind as feelings and thoughts – instead of directing myself As the Physical Reality to ensure that All within this Physical Reality have an Equal Share of Support, and to not Accept or Allow ANY being to be harmed, abused, ignored, neglected  – because then I would be a being of Integrity that ensures that the Integrity of All Life is not compromised through allowing even one being to impose its Self Interest on the rest
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define Integrity from the starting point of what makes Me through only the ‘I’ of my Individuality, feel like I have integrity – not realizing that my feelings always only are based in my own Energetic Reality of Self Interest, and within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that Integrity is to Integrate All Life as Me Here and make sure that in All Ways ‘I’ Am Integrating what is Best for All as the Integral Substance of  Who I Am in every moment of Breath
I commit myself to re-defining Integrity within the consideration of what it is to support all Life on Earth practically physically
I commit myself to stop following my excitement, and start directing myself as Life to create a world that is best for all Equal and One as myself as Life
I commit myself to stop falling into the trap of CONsciousness as the Energy Drug that makes me feel good and blinds me from the Physical Reality of what other beings are experiencing
I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing in myself and all other beings, the starting point of following one’s excitement and merely interpreting Integrity through whatever ideas and beliefs about my participation make me feel like I am a good person, without actually investigating what is Best for All
I commit myself to stop believing spiritual / new age messages that tell me my only responsibility is to focus on what excites me and to just do that – within realizing that such a starting point actually supports the elite of the world as those of us with money, to keep accepting the abusive money system and remain obedient consumers that use money to support only their own experience as self interest
I commit myself to investigate where and how my experiences of excitement are being generated within myself, instead of just blindly accepting an energetic experiences that arises in me, to tell me what to do
I commit myself to take responsibility for what exists in me, because that is what a responsible creator will do – instead of telling myself my experiences are being sent to me by a ‘higher self’ that knows what’s best for me – which is obvious separation and abdication of responsibility
I commit myself to show that Spirituality only focuses on supporting the structural integrity of the individual’s Energetic Experience as feelings of Self Interest
I commit myself to show how money is the source of my ability to have free time in which to generate energetic realities within myself which I then lose myself in because it feels good, at the cost of allowing millions to suffer unnecessarily because of an abusive, neglectful world system 
I commit myself to showing how spirituality benefits rich and powerful capitalists who abuse life in the name of profit, by suggesting that people only do what feels good – by showing how consumerism is based on getting people to buy things because it feels good
I commit myself to showing how spirituality is just one of many Lifestyles available within the consumerist system, that is all about gratifying the Individual by giving it entertaining activities to do and telling it it is special and unique and free so it won’t notice it is part of a massively abusive system
I commit myself to, through Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness, uncover, deconstruct, and remove the Energetic Structures of Self Interest as Feelings of Energy within me that constitute the I of the Energetic Individual, and Re-Establish myself as the I of and As Life through Specific Structured Definitions within Awareness of what is Best for All which I will then Live in Physical Action until I can stand in all situations, all moments of choice, all scenarios and prove to myself that my Decision Making is based on what is best for All – so that I become the Foundational Substance that Supports and Restores the Integrity of Life

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