Day 52: Deconstructing my Ascension Diet – Part 1

Okay, here I’m continuing with walking through my Spiritual Experiences. The last Spiritual Experience I deconstructed was Astral Projection, and how I wanted to astral project because I wanted to escape into a fun, dream-like world where I could fly around and do what I want. And previously I walked through my experiences of spiritual awakening and beginning to see myself as an ‘ascending being’ in the process of ‘raising my vibration’ to be able to leave the physical world and enter a ‘higher’ reality in which I could – yes, fly around and have fun, lol.
In this blog I’m having a look at my experience with food in relation to ‘ascension’.
During the course of my reading about ascension and how to raise my vibration to a ‘higher frequency’ through meditation and focusing on light and love and god, I started to read about how other ‘ascending beings’ were changing their diet to more of a vegetarian, or vegan, or raw foods diet, with the reason being given that, eating more fruits and vegetables, and organic stuff, and super food supplements, will assist in raising one’s physical body to a ‘lighter’ density, and how things like meat, cooked foods, processed foods, sugar, etc, can hinder the process of getting one’s body into a ‘lighter’ density.
Well, when I started reading about ‘ascension diets’ I immediately became excited to align my own diet with such foods, because – I wanted to ascend, I wanted a light body, a body made of pure light and love, not this dense, lower vibrational, limited physical form! And, it’s interesting because after reading about ascension diets, when I would go to the store to buy food I immediately would react to non vegetarian, non organic foods with a dislike, and with a fear actually – like, if I were to eat that I would be slowing down my process of ascension. Now what’s interesting is that when I started looking at more organic, vegetarian, vegan foods – I found there was a whole world of dietary products aligned with the spiritual lifestyle. The packages tended to have more spiritually influenced designs and colors, and there were even brands with names like ‘source energy’.  Most of the time these brands were available in smaller, health food stores and even new age stores, where the atmosphere of the whole store featured spiritually aligned things like buddhist paraphernalia, crystals, incense, soft colors. When I would go to these stores I would feel really good, like just being in the store was raising my vibration. And when I started buying these foods and eating them, I started feeling more peaceful and happy when I was eating, because as I was eating I was thinking that I am supporting myself in my ascension process and this food is helping me lighten my body so I can take in more light and love from god / creator / source.
Also, when I would be in a situation where I had to eat food someone else prepared, and it was ‘normal’ food instead of the ‘ascension food’ I liked, I would feel bad about eating it. I felt like this food is ‘bad’ because it is of a ‘lower vibration’ and only exists because people are still ignorant about the ascension process. And I would actually have a fear of eating it because I didn’t want to lower my vibration because I didn’t want to be stuck in my physical body on earth in this ‘dense’ reality.
I enjoyed talking about vegetarian / health foods with other people who also liked them, because it was like I was speaking with people that were ‘more aware’ like me. And when I would see people eating ‘non ascension foods’, I would see them as being ‘less aware’ than me. And in this I would actually feel good about myself because I felt like ‘I have realized what reality is, and it is ascension to a higher dimension to be with god and fly around in a body made of light’, and ‘these other people are trapped in an illusion’. Though, what I presented myself as was more within a personality of being ‘highly knowledgeable’ about nutrition, and ‘understanding what is good for the body’ – because I had equated ‘good’ with ‘that which supports me to ascend to a higher dimension because that’s what we’re here to do’. And, because when I ate the ascension foods I felt really really good, I felt lighter, I felt more spiritual, I felt healthy.
And I also avoided caffeine because I felt like if I have stimulants in me, I have a chemical in me I am experiencing a ‘fake experience’, and when I ate the ascension foods I felt more ‘pure’ and that I was having a ‘real experience’, because I had equated ‘real’ with ‘feelings of light and love and bliss’
But, perhaps the most fascinating point is that all these foods, the ‘health foods’, and the organic ‘super foods’, tended to be waaaay more expensive than the ‘normal foods’. And, though I wished it was not so expensive, I also felt like I was part of something more ‘elite’ when I was buying the foods – like, I was one of the special ones on earth that has been placed in a situation where our ascension process will be supported, because it is our mission to ascend and as we ascend, spread the message of light and love to the world.
In my next post I’ll walk the self forgiveness and self commitment statements on this point, looking at all the dimensions of what the actual nature of the ‘spiritual / ascension’ diet is within this world, within the consumer system / society, and how I developed a personality / character around the point of ‘health foods’ that was in fact supporting abuse to exist in this world.

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