Day 74: My Channeling Experience – Self Commitment Statements

Self Commitment statements in continuation of my last post.

I commit myself to show that if one is not self honest here in every moment of breath then one will never see what is real or be able to assist and support life in this world –where, it is common sense that one should be here in every moment of breath in actual self awareness investigating, uncovering, seeing, realizing exactly what one is accepting and allowing as one’s starting point and seeing whether one’s starting point stands eternal as that which will produce what is best for all life, or whether one’s starting point accepts and allowing separation from life through self interest – which will create consequence – such as the consequences as poverty, starvation, war, greed, corruption, rape, crime, abuse — all the consequence of accepted and allowed self interest instead of all standing together as Life to live what is best for all

I commit myself to show that channeled messages are entertainment that plays on and feeds the hopes and desires of human beings as self interest, and that if one goes and investigates channeled material and the questions asked of the ‘beings’ being channeled, one will see that there has never ever ever ever ever been any practical questioning and answering that has assisted anyone to come to any practical solution to develop a ways to support all life equally to live in dignity in this world without suffering and abuse — but that all channeled message only justify suffering through diverting attention from reality into the mind as the person’s self interest

I commit myself to show that we actually create our minds as thoughts, feelings, emotions, fantasies, inner conversations, desires, fears — we create beings upon beings, entities upon entities within our own minds – all existing as self interest with no consideration of what is best for all life –  and allow these entities to live on our behalf – directing our participation as physical bodies — through accumulating knowledge and information and ideas with no self honesty and no self awareness, and constructing characters in our minds using this knowledge and information and ideas — wherein, if we were self honest we would see we do not need to create a mind character because we can just be here as the physical body, breathing, living together in the physical in a way that is best for all and thus all mind characters as thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, pictures, fantasies, memories, are Illusion — and channeled messages in this world only interface / interact with / impulse the mind characters as illusion we’ve created and that thus channeled messages are not assisting life in any way — but only assisting mind characters as illusion to experience themselves as mental masturbation that never results in any practical action taken to support life in establishing a real solution for this world in all ways

I commit myself to show that a channeler is not even aware of where / when / how they created their own voices in the mind as their own thoughts and backchat – and that thus the channeler cannot be trusted when they say they are ‘communicating with a higher being’, as the channeler has not taken responsibility for what they have created as their own mind, and still accept and allow their thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, imagination, backchat, to direct them and influence them and thus they are not even aware if they have created the ‘being’ they are channeling, which is now communicating with them within their own mind, from within the layers of their own mind

I commit myself to show that phenomena such as ‘channeling experiences’ should not be taken / accepted at face value — as both the channeler and the people listening to the channeler must first take responsibility to learn how their minds work and understand how the creation of thoughts, feelings, emotions, characters in the mind actually works — so that they can be sure they’re not just having a mindfuck they created in unawareness

I see and realize that the reason I did not question this apparent ‘higher being’ my partner was ‘channeling’, as to what is the practical solution to support life on earth and end all abuse — and the reason why this ‘higher being’ did not question me as to why I was not asking how to support all life on earth and end abuse, was because the whole experience was a mindfuck of self interest that could not have existed without us first having spent hours and hours accumulating knowledge and information of spirituality / channeling and creating ourselves as characters defined by desires / fantasies / imagination within our own minds — in self interest, without any consideration of Life

I see and realize that the reason I was excited by this ‘channeling experience’ was because it was an event aligned with my self interest / self definitions — and that thus my excitement and perception that this channeling experience was somehow some ‘divine plan’ I was part of, was complete self deception, as how could anything that is not based on what will produce a world that is in all ways best for all life, be divine?

I commit myself to stop supporting the mindfuck of channeled messages of hope and imagination and pretty words, in seeing that it is only resulting in more people becoming consumed in preoccupation with their own self interest and is not producing a practical solution to end abuse in this world

I commit myself to show how channeling is a profession used to make money and that it supports people to remain within acceptance of the abusive money system through deluding themselves with hope and imagination based on pretty words the channelers speak

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