Day 78: What does it mean to be Heartless?

In England some metal thieves raided an animal hospital and stole animal cages to sell for scrap metal, leaving the sick animals to die.

The heartless thieves took 26 stainless steel and aluminum cages, worth up to £30,000, after turfing the sick animals out of them.”
Now obviously this act was motivated entirely by money, where some people found a way to make money fast by stealing metal and selling it. And, why do they want to sell metal to make money? So that they can survive and have a life in this world.
But, are the thieves themselves really the heartless ones in this situation? 
Wouldn’t the ‘heartless’ ones really be all the humans in this world, in positions of success, having steady jobs and incomes with the ability to pursue ‘happiness’, who are doing NOTHING to change this world at an actual practical level? Those with financial stability who accept the system, who say it’s okay to pursue happiness and care only about my own family and friends while half the world is in poverty – those are the heartless ones. Because, and everyone knows this, it’s an outrage when events like this happen in the immediate world of those with money, but is it equally an outrage as thousands of children die of starvation daily? Obviously not. So who are the heartless ones? Those who accept and allow the system of inequality, the system of survival, the system of competition, the system of neglect, the system of abuse, the system that creates criminals through allowing conditions of unequal education and support, with constant pressure to find money to exist at even the most basic level, resulting in the development of crime as a skill to make money. 
It’s simple – if everyone was given what they need for an effective life, then thieves would not exist. If everyone is supported equally from birth to death, then the physical conditions that support the development of psychological dysfunctions like greed, jealousy, resentment, simply will not exist, eliminating such psychological dysfunctions.
Want to stop thieves from stealing animal cages to sell for money? Give everyone equal money. When all have equally, then those who committed crimes in the past to survive, have the chance to forgive themselves and move on with their lives, to discover what it is to actually live and not just find ways to survive.
You really have to be a cruel, heartless person to deliberately deny the simplicity of an equality based system. If you have a heart, you will take Equal Money to heart in considering that Equal Money and Desteni are the ONLY group on earth that presents a solution based on the specific condition that the world must be a place that is best for all life, a place that supports all life to develop and function effectively as a whole, with a whole heart that pumps the blood of support equally throughout the Whole of humanity, the animal kingdom, and the nature kingdom, to ensure a fully functional body at all times, with no parts competing for survival.
Also, within an Equal Money system where profit and survival is no longer a factor and resources are allocated according to the needs of Life, animals will receive the best care possible from those who really care about animals and will be protected from those who would abuse them for self interest.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, whenever I hear a story describing animals or humans being injured or killed in the name of money, blame the thieves instead of being self honest in seeing that the system we are accepting and allowing is the cause of all theft and crime motivated by money

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not want to see the fact that I get angry when animals or humans are harmed in my immediate world, but I don’t get angry at the daily suffering and abuse of billions of animals and human beings as a consequence of the nature of the functioning of the money system – and that thus within this I am showing myself that I have defined my heart only within the context of my immediate world, instead of expanding my heart to including ALL LIFE on Earth(Heart) and that if I do not care for all Life as Equal in my Heart, then I am actually heartless, as I have judged some beings to be of Less worth than others, and pretend I don’t Hear their daily cries
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed an economic system of inequality that creates conditions in which the only option for many is to resort to crime to survive
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I am responsible for the existence of the current money system, because I accept and allow it, I decide that it’s the only way things can be
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that I cannot blame criminals for crimes committed in the name of survival, because I allow the system that creates the conditions in which crime is the only option
I commit myself to show that it is heartless to care only about beings in my immediate world, and that I was trained by my parents and teachers to care only about beings in my immediate world, and that my parents and teachers were trained by their parents and teachers to care only about beings in their immediate world, and that I am part of a cycle of heartlessness that will continue until we all stop and decide to care for All Life Equally
I commit myself to show that a heart that includes anything less than what is best for ALL LIFE in one’s consideration in every moment of breath, is a heart-LESS
I commit myself to show how criminals cannot be blamed for their crimes, as they were subjected to the conditions they were born into, and developed patterns of behavior based on the easiest way to survive within the conditions they developed in — and that we are all to blame for accepting and allowing a system where one must find ways to survive
I commit myself to show how emotions like sadness, outrage, anger experienced toward the acts of criminals towards animals and human beings in my immediate world, does not indicate care and concern, as if I was really concerned for the wellbeing of other beings, I would be concerned for the wellbeing of ALL beings on Earth, not just those in my immediate world, and that the fact that I am not in a constant emotional state about the suffering of the billions of beings on earth, shows that my emotional states do not indicate a care for all life
I commit myself to break free from the self interest I was trained to accept, by walking a process of self honesty and self forgiveness as the Destonians are demonstrating as the effective way to take responsibility to change self and work toward practical solutions for this world
I commit myself to establish an equal money system to end the struggle for survival and eliminate theft

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