Day 87: Redefining Self in Service to Life – Part 1

In the next few posts I’ll be deconstructing the concepts of ‘Service to Self’ and ‘Service to Others’ as can be found within ‘channeled’ esoteric / spiritual material and showing what is being missed in defining Self according to these concepts.
To begin with, according to ‘Ra’ and the ‘Cassiopaeans’, Duality is the initial ‘dual emergence from the One, or – the source of all which is’. Within this, ‘Free Will’ is the ‘mediating factor’ between the Dualities, where one will make ‘choices’ which can be seen in relation to the concepts of ‘Service to Self’, and ‘Service to Others’. 
These concepts exist from the foundational idea that ‘all is consciousness / energy / spirit’, but that half of ‘all consciousness’ is ‘asleep’ in the form of Matter / Physicality, and that the ‘awakening’ of matter / physicality and ‘returning to source’ through ‘ascension’ into ‘pure consciousness / energy’ is the ‘ultimate goal’ within existence. The basic idea of Duality within Spirituality is that when one sees oneself as being only ‘Matter / Physicality’, this indicates one is ‘asleep’ / existing in a limited / lower ‘vibration’ of ‘separation’, and that when one sees oneself as being of ‘Spirit / consciousness / energy’, this indicates one is ‘awake / enlightened / existing / moving into a higher vibration’, returning to ‘The One’. 
Within this, ‘Oneness’ is defined as a ‘spirit / energy / consciousness’ that pervades all matter, and within which matter / physicality is seen as ‘a temporary illusion’, while ‘spirit’ is seen as ‘real’, as it is believed that when one dies, one continues existing as ‘eternal spirit / energy / consciousness’ and enters into the ‘spirit reality’ — wherein, because one’s physical body dies, the physical reality / matter is associated with ‘limitation / finiteness’. Within the ‘Spirit / consciousness / energy reality’, there are then believed to be ‘Dimensions’ of higher and higher ‘vibration’ that exist closer and closer to ‘Source / the One’. These ‘Dimensions’ are referred to as ‘4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, etc etc etc.’
So within this we’re looking at various aspects associated with the concepts of ‘Service to Self / STS’, and ‘Service to Others / STO’.
Service to Self Beings:
STS beings worship the physical universe
preoccupation with control
cannot exist without some form of materiality, hence does not occur past 4th density
Darkness / collecting gravity / trapping of light – expressed as the ‘black hole’
Imbalance / worshiping God in self
Control / concerned with control over all aspects of self and others
Contraction / imposing limits on others
tends towards the hierarchy with internal competition for resources and power
It takes if it is capable
They only see what they want to see.
associated with what is seen as Evil as defined within human ethical terms
Service to Others Beings:
Light / Dispersing gravity / radiance
Balance / worshipping god in creation
Freedom / sees creation as inherently limitless and is not concerned with determining what is ‘good’ for another.
Expansion / Exploring possibilities
tends towards sharing and passing around that which is received
gives all to those who ask
To summarize, the basic points we’re working with are:
Spirit / Matter
Light / Dark
Good / Evil
Freedom / Control
Expansion / Limitation
Giving / Taking
Balance / Imbalance
Delusion / Self Realization
These concepts of ‘Service to Self’ and ‘Service to Others’ together are seen as the ‘cosmic polarity’ that the human is ‘called’ to choose between.
So what I’ll be doing starting with my next post, is taking the ‘basic points’ I’ve identified above, which are associated with the concepts of ‘Service to Self’, and ‘Service to Others’, and throwing out all the knowledge and information of god, the afterlife, higher dimensions, the soul, blah blah blah, which is associated with these concepts within spirituality / new age / esoteric religion, and redefining the word Service within the consideration of how one would live in Service to Life.

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