Day 89: Redefining Positivity in Service to Life

Okay so we’re looking here at ‘Positivity’ as an aspect associated with the spiritual concept of ‘Service to Others’, and in my previous post I’ve deconstructed this to show how ‘Positive Beings‘ who perceive that their ‘positivity’ serves to benefit the lives of others, actually only benefits themselves in their own personal experience of ‘feeling good’, and benefits others in this world with money enough money to have free time / ease in which to apply ‘being positive’ to make themselves feel good — and wherein a person with no money, starving, with no opportunity other than scavenging in trash or resorting to stealing to survive, cannot apply this ‘positivity’ to benefit themselves in any way — as, the starving person does not need to be serviced in methods of making themselves feel good, they need to be serviced in having their basic needs fulfilled. And it is perfectly obvious by now that decades of ‘positivity’ has never produced any change in the way the world’s economic systems function – where even in ‘rich’ countries there still exists poverty and hunger which indicates positivity has no power to influence those in power to ‘realize’ they they should give up their self interest and do what is best for all. Why? Because those participating in ‘positivity’ themselves still exist in self interest, as what is valued is ‘my experience of positivity’ and ‘others around me becoming positive’, rather than an actual practical solution for this world.
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that positivity does not serve others as the many forms and expressions of life that currently are abused, exploited, neglected, left to suffer daily in the name of the continuation of the world’s economic systems, as is proven by half the world in poverty and NO positive person presenting any practical new economic model based on what is best for all that can IN FACT be implemented
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that positivity only serves those with money to be able to make themselves feel good as they continue to accept the current economic system that allows poverty and starvation and animal and nature abuse – EQUALLY as those judged to be ‘negative people’ which shows that positivity is just an experience of energy / feeling that a person likes — the same as how one likes a painting, a color, a song, a type of food 
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that saying that positivity is of benefit / service to those in poverty and starvation is the same as saying ‘me enjoying chocolate is of benefit / service to those in poverty and starvation’
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that in perceiving myself to be ‘of service to others’ in being positive, I have never actually considered LIFE – I have never actually asked myself what it is to serve life on earth as I would like to be served / supported — wherein, the easiest way to identify how life should be supported is to ask myself if I would be willing to swap places with any being on earth right now – and if not, then ask myself what support systems would need to be in place for humans, animals, and nature so that I could swap places with any being on earth in any moment and always be in an equal position of being supported according to the basic needs that must be serviced in order for me to have a dignified life and reach my full expression
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the word service and the word positivity without any investigation into how my definition of these words that I live, will influence how I participate / what I accept and allow within this world — where instead what I did was read stories / messages / information within spirituality and instantly accept the messages that made me feel good / filled me with hope / came up with reasons for the suffering of others that removed me from responsibility and told me focusing only on me was okay
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, within my definition of ‘others’ NOT take into account how I would like to be supported in this world if I were in the place of every other being in this world — placing Me as ‘others’ – Me as the poor person, Me as the starving person, Me as the child working in a sweatshop – instead of just interpreting the experience of others through stories and ideas that I got from spirituality which are ALL aligned with a message that makes me feel good and never once mentions what would be best for LIFE in this world
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as being ‘of service to others’ based on me liking the idea of being of service to others, because I like the idea of being a ‘good person’ — but without ever actually facing the reality of what it would take to establish a world that serves the needs of Life where all beings can have a Good life
So, how could we re-define Positivity within the consideration of practical living in service to Life?
Firstly we would look at the fact that when one stands as those who suffer in this world – the poor and starving – one can see that this problem has PRIORITY in needing a practical solution NOW because it simply is unacceptable to allow such suffering and inequality to exist in a world of plenty. And – within this it is important to now realize that you do not need any other knowledge and information / stories / esoteric philosophies to determine whether it is acceptable to allow poverty and starvation — as it is a simple question: Is it acceptable to allow other beings to suffer in poverty and starvation in a world that has enough food and support for everyone? The answer is NO. And if one hesitates and starts coming up with theoretical reasons as to ‘why’ suffering exists that require one to make assumptions / beliefs about the afterlife / non physical reality — then it is easy to see that one is afraid of this simple question, as one is afraid of facing the reality of our Responsibility in this world, and would prefer to make up reasons as to why it is okay to neglect this Responsibility. So just stop. 
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear taking responsibility to end poverty and starvation. 
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create feelings like bliss and happiness to hide from my fear of taking responsibility. 
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to value feelings instead of what is best for all Life. 
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to stand only as ‘my experience’ instead of standing here as Life as all as one as equal.
There, done. Now we can move on.
So now that we see how positivity as an ‘experience / philosophy / feeling / intention’ does not in fact serve Others as the forms / expressions of Life that I Stand as in this moment — how can we re-define Positivity as a Directive Principle that can be lived to produce an actual effect in the lives of Others as those expressions / forms of Life One and Equal with Me that are currently suffering? Easy. 
Positivity as a Directive Principle aligned with what is Best for all Life as ME would be the movement of self to establish a world where the environment in which all beings are birthed into this world is that of Equal support in having all basic needs fulfilled at all times. 
It’s really as simple as that. Because, within this definition one then places Self in a position of taking Self Responsibility to educate self as to what practically needs to change in this world, in terms of the world system / economic systems, in order to ensure all basic needs of all beings are fulfilled at all times. And, within this one also places oneself in the point of Self Responsibility to investigate all the ways one’s Nature / human nature as a whole has been defined / created / shaped according to the current world system / economic systems of inequality / abuse, and change Self’s Nature from that of patterns directed by environmental conditioning / programming based on the acceptance of inequality / abuse in Service to the System, to a Self Directive being that Moves Self in alignment with what is of Service to Life. And how does one do this? Well, I am doing this right now in this blog. All of us writing our Journey to Life blogs are doing this daily in our deconstructions of the patterns we have accepted as Self / Reality. We are applying the practical tools of Self Honesty, Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application to change ourselves, and within this as we align our Nature with that which Serves Live, we are working together in designing a new World System / Economic system aligned with that which Serves Life = the Equal Money System. So, not to worry – we’ve already done the really hard stuff of figuring out how this works. All you need to do is decide to join us in working toward manifesting / creating a world that Serves Life, within which you will be assisted and supported in learning how to apply the tools and start changing yourself.
I commit myself to transform positivity from a self interested feeling experience based in hiding from fear of our responsibility for this world, to principled living that will produce a world that is best for all
I commit myself to change my starting point in all I do from that which serves only my own experience, to that which will produce a world where the experience of all forms / expressions of Life is that of having all basic needs fulfilled
I commit myself to dare myself to be a real positive being in exposing the false positivity as happiness / feelings that exist only as an experience generated by people with enough money to live the ‘positive lifestyle‘, and to show how this false positivity has never produced any change in any of the world’s economic systems as proven by half the world suffering in poverty in a world of plenty
I commit myself to let go of all assumptions / beliefs about the afterlife as I now see that I have used such assumptions / beliefs as the basis for making myself feel good, which I erroneously defined as ‘positivity’
I commit myself to show how Serving Others is only possible if I first stand AS all others in seeing that I as LIFE am Equal and One in All beings – and ask myself how I would like to be supported / served in this world – and then make the deliberate decision to not stop until all All beings as ME in this world are Equally supported as I would like to be supported
I commit myself to establish an Equal Money system as a system of True Positivity that gives a positive experience to All Beings Equally starting with immediate access to food, water, healthcare, homes, life enhancements – where, since we give all these things to each other – we will no longer have any desire / need to apply False positivity as energetic experiences to distract ourselves from those whom we allow to go without
In my next posts I will be re-defining further aspects / characteristics associated with the concept of ‘Service to Others’.

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