Day 93: Hoping for Magnificent Events to Happen: Self Commitment Statements

Hoping for Magnificent Events to Happen – Part 4

Self Commitment Statements.
I commit myself to show how hoping that some future event will change the world is a statement of inaction to solve the world’s problems as with hope one is expecting / wanting the problem to solve itself — in spite of the fact that the problem is obviously ourselves — as things like poverty, starvation, war, abuse, destruction, inequality are but the manifested consequences of Who we have each and together accepted and allowed ourselves to be – thus the problem cannot ‘solve itself’ because ‘itself’ = each of us
I commit myself to show that hope is an addiction to a feeling of anticipation / excitement we create by placing our trust in a fantasy of some event happening that will remove a problem which we Fear and that thus Hope is just Fear
I commit myself to show how hoping for aliens / ufos / ascension / Jesus / god / satan / the universe / technology / evolution to solve the world’s problems – and continuing to trust this hope even when the evidence repeatedly shows that none of these events will ever actually happen, is an act of desperately trying to hold onto an experience / feeling of happiness while we wait out our lives, waiting for death
I commit myself to show how giving each other hope is based on our agreement to support each other to continue having an experience of ‘happiness’ as self interest within the agreement to at all costs deny our responsibility to actually take action In This Life to stop abuse
I commit myself to show how as long as hope exists, abuse and harm will exist — as it is the very abuse and harm that exists in this world that is the basis of our experience of hope
I commit myself to show how that religion and spirituality promote hope because a message of hope makes a profit because people will buy anything that makes them feel good and that justifies not taking any action to stop abuse in the world
I commit myself to show that if spirituality were truly supportive of a solution for this world, it would never give hope, and would expose and destroy all sources of hope as ideas / beliefs / fantasies / predictions that remove one from responsibility to take action to stop abuse
I commit myself to show how believing that Hope will somehow stop the world’s problems, is the same as if you were repeatedly cutting yourself with a knife, and taking painkillers to stop the pain, and believing that the experience of being on the painkiller will somehow solve the problem of the knife cutting your skin
I commit myself to expose all messages of hope and to, in my words and actions STOP giving people Hope as I realize that in giving people hope I am supporting the continuation of Trust placed in a Fantasy resulting in Inaction, instead of Trust placed in ourselves to be the Solution to this world
I commit myself to, when and as I experience fear of giving up my Hopes – remind myself that in giving up Hope I only lose an Illusion as my hopes were only ever based on fantasies in my own mind, and that I am still here and am now free to Change myself because I am no longer consumed with the maintenance / preservation of an experience of Hope 
I commit myself to show how giving up all Hope is not Apathy — and that Hope is in fact Apathy as the absence of Action – as if I were actually Acting to stop abuse in this world I would not need Hope
I commit myself to give up all Hope, and Trust myself to find the way to redefine myself in a way that will support me to take action that will produce a world that is best for all Life (Don’t worry, we’ve already done the hard part of finding the way – now all you have to do is study the examples we’re providing daily in our blogs of how this self re-definition works)
Join us at Equal Money where you can vote on policies and participate in research.
Join us at Desteni I Process where the end of all Hope is the beginning of the Journey to Life

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