Day 95: From Fear to Living through Giving: Self Commitment Statements

I see and realize that when I was a young child I did not need fear for my survival or the desire to make money to motivate me to explore and discover and learn about things, and thus I commit myself to show how fear for one’s survival and the belief that human beings need fear as motivation to live, is programmed in through education / society
I commit myself to show how if education and society were based on a collective agreement within humanity to give to each other the support we all need to live instead of agreeing that we must compete for survival with fear of poverty as motivation, that children would develop without fear for their survival and that thus fear for one’s survival is not ‘natural’ but is a pattern programmed in by a society that decided we must exist with fear and competition for survival instead of a society of Giving
I commit myself to show how humanity have become addicted to fearing for our survival / fear of poverty, because we have defined life as the attainment of money to buy lots of nice things and have a comfortable lifestyle, and only care about this point of attainment for ourselves and our family and thus accept our fear of poverty as motivation so that when we finally get money we experience the opposite of fear as an energetic high of relief / happiness — while actually the fear of poverty still exists the whole time because when we lose our money or are under threat of having our money taken away, we go right back into fear
I commit myself to show how if we the people with money agreed to not accept anything less than a way of living based on Giving to each other so that All including Ourselves can have the Best – then we would have true democratic power because if we stopped accepting fear for survival / desire for reward as happiness as the definition of life as presented to us by media / companies profiting off fear and desire for happiness, and would only accept / vote for a political party / leader that could demonstrate a solution for this world based on Giving to each Other — then those who would abuse life for profit would have no power as they are actually a tiny minority of the population who only have power through our agreement to accept a definition of life that says we must earn our survival and be motivated by fear to gain a reward as money / happiness
I commit myself to investigate all the ways I’ve accepted fear as my starting point of my participation in the system so that I can then within the fear identify my desire for a reward in the form of a feeling of relief / happiness through attaining money — and to delete the polarity of fear / happiness from me in all ways so that I am no longer a product of the system I was born into / programmed by – but am here as a living breathing human being as part of the earth that can make a clear-headed decision about how the world should exist – without fear and desire as self interest influencing me
I commit myself to show how it is possible in this one life to implement a new economic system based on Giving to each other, and to within this end all fear – it is just a matter of educating ourselves as to how we could change the way we use what is already here from a starting point of profit making to a starting point of Giving, and then working together as a group to fund and develop a new living plan / societal plan based on Giving – and within this I commit myself to avail myself of the growing body of material available at Equal Money where we are in the process of developing new societal policies based on practical directive principle that will produce the best life for everyone
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