Day 96: Physical Ingredients of Happiness

So, we’re now continuing with deconstructing quotes from the book Ask and It is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, focusing on the following quote:
“Do Not Put Those Unwanted Ingredients in Your Pie
Imagine yourself as a chef in an extremely well-stocked kitchen that contains every imaginable ingredient. Let us say that you have a clear idea of the culinary creation you desire, and you understand how to combine these easily accessible ingredients in order to fulfill your desire. And as you proceed, there are many ingredients that are not appropriate for your creation, so you do not utilize them, but you also feel no discomfort about their existence. You simply utilize the ingredients that will enhance your creation-and you leave the ingredients that are not appropriate for your creation out of your pie.”
So to start, the subject of this above quote is ‘creation’, specifically ‘your creation’. Now, to deconstruct the quote we’ll have to identify / define what exactly is implied / meant by ‘your creation’.
To do this we’ll focus on identifying the context in which we, as a human being reading this above quote, is existing within – which would be the Earth, within a money system through which the resources of the earth are used and shaped and moved into and as the products, goods, services that would be available to you if you have money, which then constitute the ‘ingredients’ with which you would ‘create’ the current lifestyle / living condition you are experiencing yourself within. So, there is firstly the physical goods and services aspect of ‘ingredients’ with which you would ‘create’ your physical experience within which you would experience for example the fulfillment of your physical body’s requirements in order to function, along with things like a house, clothes, furniture, etc that would facilitate a physical experience of comfort. 
So, we’re going to take a moment to investigate the question of how one gains access to the physical ingredients that facilitate a comfortable living environment with all physical basic needs fulfilled. Firstly it is obvious that one needs money in one’s bank account in order to purchase these ingredients, as we all know that we are in a money system in which ‘nothing is free’ – not even the food your body requires.
But, how does one gain access to money? Obviously you need some kind of job through which you can earn a paycheck to put in your bank account. And, say for example you are a massage therapist, or a lawyer, or a doctor, or a receptionist, or work in sales. What enabled you to get that job? You would have had to have had some qualifications that would be reviewed by your potential employer, which would form the basis of their decision to hire you. And, how would you have gotten those qualifications? You would have gone to school and learned basic things like reading, writing, math, and gone on to college to get a college degree in a specific area of study, in which you spend years being trained in the vocabulary and skills required to fulfill the duties of a specific job / career. Then you would have gone through a process of ‘job hunting’ – looking for an employer that has an available position and is wiling to hire you, or getting together enough capital to start your own business. And then, once you get a job you have to make sure your company is getting consistent business so that it can keep you on and keep paying you, or if you own your own business you’ll have to maybe take loans out to make sure you can keep up things like advertising to bring in customers, and that you have a contingency plan to account for periods in which you get fewer customers and make less profit and struggle more with paying your bills for things like your house, your car, food, electricity, internet, phone bill, insurance, etc, etc, etc, etc. 
Now, chances are if you are one of the people who bought the book ‘Ask and It is Given‘, and read the above quote given in the beginning of the post, then you fit within the context I’ve just described above. But, the thing about the statements made in the quote, is that there is absolutely no reference to the actual reality of what it takes to get ahold of the ‘ingredients’ that are required to for example ‘create’ a comfortable living environment for yourself, with all basic needs fulfilled. And, what can we also see? Are you actually ‘creating’ your living environment? Did you create the ingredients you use to put together your living environment? Did they come together at your whim, instantly, when you ‘aligned yourself‘ with your desire for a specific living environment? Obviously not. Where did these ingredients come from? They came from the Earth, and are processed and shaped into the ‘goods’ and things’ that constitute the ingredients of your living environment, through the Capitalist system within which you Access these ‘ingredients’ through getting money. And, you yourself did not actually ‘combine’ the resources of the earth into the things that you’ve used within your living environment – other human beings combined the resources, made them into products, sold them to you.
But within the statement “you understand how to combine these easily accessible ingredients in order to fulfill your desire” – which basically just means ‘you understand how to get money to buy products to combine into the lifestyle you desire, is one even considering where these ‘ingredients’ came from? Is one considering the entire process of human beings taking the earth’s resources and using them to produce products to sell within the consumer system, and the process of getting an education, learning skills, getting a job, to earn money to buy those products to ‘create’ the living environment you desire? And within this, is one understanding that in fact, not everyone in this world is in a position where they can simply buy the things they want, and combine them together into a lifestyle / living environment they desire – and in fact cannot even buy things like food and clean water? Is one considering anything at all except ‘how can I get the ingredients I need to fulfill my desire’? I mean isn’t this complete self interest and separation from everyone but yourself, in not considering the nature of the actual interdependent relationships between humans, animals, the earth, but only considering ‘my ingredients I want to fulfill my desires’? Is one considering the obvious fact that one is in a system that is deliberately, intentionally unequal, due to the necessity of the wealthy to have slaves to maintain the system through which the wealthy generate a profit off the needs and requirements of other beings? Is this inequality ever called into question within the equation of ‘me fulfilling my desires as a participant within the money system’?
And let’s also look at the following statement: “there are many ingredients that are not appropriate for your creation, so you do not utilize them, but you also feel no discomfort about their existence. You simply utilize the ingredients that will enhance your creation-and you leave the ingredients that are not appropriate for your creation out of your pie.” Isn’t this just the definition of a consumer, participating in the pursuit of happiness, caring only about ‘my piece of the pie’? Where, once you have money, you focus on how to acquire products / ingredients to combine together into a life experience that you desire for yourself / your family? And where, the statement is in itself accepting the money system as it exists, which is the provider of the ‘ingredients’ you require to fulfill your desires, accepting the entire functioning / starting point of the system, including the function of allowing poverty, starvation, war, greed, corruption, exploitation, destruction of nature, abuse of animals in the name of using the Earth’s resources to produce products to sell to people to make a profit, and wherein the consumer’s job / career is part of the very functioning of profit generation for the companies / corporations that use the Earth and neglect and exploit the earth and other beings in the name of profit making.
I mean, isn’t this quote, which is of an apparently ‘spiritual’ nature, just using fluffy words to explain what your role already is within the current money system as a person with access to money? A consumer that is supposed to accept the system and pursue happiness / your desires and ‘not feel discomfort’ about how the system works or the process involved in producing the products available to you in the consumer system?
I mean, the reality of how one would apply the statements in this quote from ‘Ask and It is Given‘, in relation to the physical ‘ingredients’ required to  is simply that you would continue – like any other ‘consumer’ – focusing on getting money to buy products / ingredients with which to fulfill your desires for a certain lifestyle – focusing only on your own experience, not standing within any point of taking responsibility for the condition of all beings on Earth. 
I mean, how does a starving person apply this message of “imagine yourself as a chef in an extremely well-stocked kitchen that contains every imaginable ingredient“? I mean, only someone who already has enough money to survive in this world exists in a position of having an ‘extremely well stocked kitchen’ in relation to the ingredients / products / services available to them. And only someone who already has enough money to ‘forget’ that they need money for their very survival, will be able to project an idea of some magnificent, bounteous, abundant Universe / Source apparently making these ‘ingredients’ available to you, which is really just a point of Mind Entertainment because everyone participating with money actually knows that everything used in the ‘creation’ of one’s lifestyle within the money system, was produced by other human beings within a system designed to use the earth and use other beings to make a profit for a small minority of the world’s population, and that if one does not have money = one does not have a ‘well stocked kitchen’ with which to fulfill one’s desire for an experience.
I mean, shouldn’t the ingredients for a great life be made available to everyone equally on earth? Why does Ask and It Is Given accept a system of inequality that allows poverty and starvation? Why does Ask and It Is Given promote a definition of ‘Giving’ that only considers the individual’s self interest as ‘How can I, ME, ME, ME be Given what I, ME, ME, ME Desire?’ Why does Ask and It Is Given promote the Acceptance and Allowance of a Capitalist / Consumerist system that takes from the earth and exploits other beings so that a small minority of the world’s population can have a nice life while the rest suffer? Why does Ask and It Is Given not promote a change in the way we live, to a starting point of considering what is best for Everyone on Earth, and establishing a system that facilitates us to Give to Each other everything everyone needs to live a Dignified Life?
In my next post I’ll walk Self Forgiveness Statements on these points.

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