Day 98: Physical Ingredients of Happiness: Self Commitment Statements

I commit myself to remind my fellow human beings with money that the ingredients one requires to live an effective life, are provided by the Earth at NO CHARGE – and that the Earth does not produce resources so that some human beings can use them to fulfill their desires while the rest must suffer in poverty with no hope of the same level of access to the earth’s resources — but that the Earth provides resources for ALL BEINGS and that if we have even a speck of care for Life then we the people with money will realize the error of our way of life of focusing only on our own desires, and stand up and work together to establish a new world system that makes the resources of the Earth available for FREE for ALL beings – and that a being who cares about Life will disregard their own desires at all costs and daily push for a world where the basic needs of every being are guaranteed from birth to death
I commit myself to implement a New System where education and the learning of skills is not something that one must undertake in order to hopefully be able to use those skills to make money to survive and gain access to amenities, but where education and the learning of skills is a process that is walked to support oneself in developing into an effective human being with an understanding of how the world works, how the mind works, and that facilitates the exploration of various pursuits and skills so that each being can discover their passion and self expression and contribute to what is best for all, while enjoying all the amenities of life as a basic human right that does not have to be earned — where education and the learning of skills is not a ‘path to money / survival’ – but is a process of learning to participate as an Earthling with other Earthlings working together to maintain the best possible world for everyone – human, animal, and plant
I commit myself to expose all spiritual / new age messages that use pretty words to dress up consumerism and make capitalism sound like a divine plan that provides infinite ingredients for the fulfillment of everyone’s desires — and show how the existence of poverty and starvation at a massive scale proves that these messages are bullshit we have created in our fear of taking responsibility for the mess we have created as this world where we have allowed life to be abused in the name of self interest
I commit myself to show how focusing on fulfilling one’s desires will never end poverty – as to end poverty we have to live by principle and actually move ourselves as principled beings to do what it takes to sort out this world, and how in focusing on fulfilling one’s desires one abdicates one’s ability to Choose to do what is best for all, by deciding that energy / desires will choose for me, resulting in actions reflecting only self interest — and how within this no one has actually investigated where their desires have come from and merely accept them without question which indicates a completely absence of Self Awareness and Conscious Living
I commit myself to show how the assembling a lifestyle experience using ‘ingredients’ as products and services within the consumer system is not ‘creation’ — it is accessing a system within which products that were made by other human beings already exist and are made of the Earth, and that the real Creation that requires the attention of those human beings participating in the Law of Attraction is the Creation of Consequence through accepting and allowing self within oneself to exist within and participate within and as a starting point of self interest – considering only ‘my experience’ and ‘my desires’ — within this Creating the Consequence of such Self Interest as the Continuation of the current world system / money system of Inequality where Life / the Earth is used and abused and drained of its resources which are distributed Unequally Deliberately in the name of the ongoing Fulfillment of the Desires of those who demand CONsumerism continue so that they can CONtinue fulfilling their desires as Self Interest
I commit myself to show that Life is not the pursuit of the fulfillment of one’s desires, as any pursuit of any One part of the Whole that does include what is Best for All is the pursuit of trying to exclude oneself from the Whole as Life and make the Whole as Life conform to ‘my desires’ which is the ultimate Negativity as one is creating Self through Self Interest as a point of Conflict with Life that seeks to Control the Whole as Life with its ‘own rules / wants’ instead of living in accordance with what is Best for All as the Whole. Self Interest is stupidity because when we all live within a starting point of Giving to All as we would like to Receive in accordance with the living requirements of all parts of the Whole, in the interest of Equality of Life for All, then WE ourselves receive Life – and no longer have to be motivated by Fear of Loss to commit the act of Taking Life to fulfill ‘my desires’ 
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