Day 99: Programming Children as the I of Survival

Today when I was out on the street, a mother and her two young children walked by, probably both between 7 and 10 years old, and they were talking to each other saying: “I want to die when I’m like 70” and the other one saying: “no I want to die when I’m like 80”. Don’t you find this strange? Two children, only having been on this planet for a few years, already planning their preferred age of death, talking about it the same way they would be talking about different flavors of ice cream they like. And I mean, where did this conversation come from? Is this really two new beings talking to each other as actual beings, part of the Earth, expressions of Life? Or are these children cloned versions of the parents and teachers, already accepting the definition of life as being a ‘span of time that ends around 70 or 80’? Are these children speaking as the I of Life, or the I of Survival?

When you look at the movies, television, advertisements within this world, ‘a life’ is clearly defined as a process of going to school, getting a degree, getting a job, working for 30 or 40 years, retiring, and then dying. And this ‘life’ takes place within the context of a World that is defined by the current money system – within which actual Life – the actual Life Force that is Equal in everyone, human, animal, plant, is not considered within the definition of Self — Self is presented as an individual only, with its individual body, its individual needs, its individual wants and desires. And what will these children learn as they get older? They’ll learn by the example set by their parents and teachers and society, movies and television and advertisements, that there’s ‘no time’ to consider anything else but their own life and survival and wants and needs, and they will try to get in as much ‘living’ as possible within the span of time before their death at age 70 or 80. But will these children ever really live? Have their parents ever really lived? How can you live as Life, as  Living Being – when you are programmed to define ‘life’ as a span of time in which you earn money to survive, and never consider Yourself as the Life force within All that is Here? How can these children, who are supposed to be ‘Our Future’, the future of Earth – take responsibility for this world, to end the destruction and abuse in this world, if they are programmed to define Living as a process of participating in the money system within the consideration of only their ‘own life’ until death at age 70 or 80?

How can the children of this world take responsibility for this world if they are programmed by movies, television, advertisements, a society that allows destruction and abuse to go on? I mean, the society that these children were born into is not standing as an example of taking responsibility for this world, but is only standing as an example of defining yourself, your ‘I’ – as a limited experience ending in 70 or 80 years. How can these children ever take Responsibility for Life, if they are not standing Here As Life, considering themselves, their ‘I’ – as the I of Life that is Equal in All beings? The ‘I’ of Life that is born into this world generation after generation? How can these children ever ensure a world that is Best for All Life, if they are programmed to see themselves only as the ‘I’ of Surv-I-val? I mean within the word Survival we can see the accepted Value System of the World / Society that is teaching / programming these children:
Serve-I-Val — wherein, Value is that which Serves My (I) own survival, until age 70 or 80.

So in my next post I will walk the re-definition of the word Survival, to transform it from the consideration / definition of Life as ‘only my ‘I’ / my survival’, to the ‘I’ of Life – within the consideration of not just Survival of the I as the individual within a limited span of time of 70 to 80 years, but the I of Life that enters this world with each new human, animal, and plant.

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