Day 101: Programming Children as The I of Survival – Self Commitment Statements

I see and realize that as a parent I will program my children with language – and that the words I teach my child have definitions, and that within the definitions of words are the acceptances and allowances that my child will live – and my child will define themselves and the world and the way they should live according to the definitions I pass on to them – and that thus if I have not investigated my definitions and purified them through redefining the words I live within what will produce a world that is best for all — then I am NOT prepared to have children as I cannot stand as an example for my child of how to take responsibility for the world that we create through the words / definitions we live
I see and realize that every word that comes out of my child‘s mouth has been a result of how I’ve programmed them and allowed them to be programmed by the world my generation has created through our acceptances and allowances
I see and realize that when my child has defined life as the process of growing up and being educated as to how to survive as a consumer and pursue happiness and then retire and die – that that is due to the example I and my generation have stood as – and that thus the statement ‘the children are our future’ – is actually incorrect, as the children are copies of the parents who program them and allow them to be programmed by the parent’s generation – and thus the parents are our future as the past repeating itself / the sins of the fathers passed on to the children
I see and realize that I pass on my value systems to my child, as does my entire generation pass on our value system to all our children, and that currently our accepted value system is that value is defined as that which serves only my and my family’s survival and assists me and my family to be comfortable and happy – which currently happens to be money, and that that since me and my generation have never bothered to question the money system in spite of the horrific atrocities created by the money system, and as old people stand as examples that it is apparently okay to retire in comfort and happiness while half the world is in poverty, that is what my children will also see as being ‘okay’ to do
I commit myself to show how the future created by our children is shaped through the value system we pass on to them and the example we set for them – and that there is no magical force of ‘evolution’ or ‘nature’ or ‘god’ that will enable the children to transform the world into a great place for everyone — just as there were no such forces present during our own development into the current generation of parents / adults – and that it is delusional to expect that the children will change the world as cloned copies of a generation that found it acceptable to retire in comfort after a life of accepting horrific atrocities to happen daily our entire lives
I commit myself to show how if I program my children to see themselves in the context that I see myself in, which is only my own life and how I can ensure my own survival, that I am making it difficult for my child to care about all life in this world – just as it has been difficult for me to care about all life in this world because I experienced that I am too busy with my own survival to care about others
I commit myself to show how Life is not a span of time that ends after 70 or 80 years – but that Life is that which is Equal in All things that are born into this world even after I die, and that to take responsibility for Life – I must change myself and my values from a starting point of considering that which serves only my survival until around 70 or 80, to that which serves the Life that is Equal in All that will continue to be born into this world even after I die
I commit myself to show how programming children to see themselves as a limited experience that will end in 70 to 80 years, will result in fear of death which will motivate a life of self interest without investigating practical solutions to support all life in this world equally
I commit myself to walk a process of self honesty and self forgiveness to uncover and delete all my fears in relation to survival so that I can be free to consider all Life as I would like to be considered
I commit myself to establish an Equal Money System that will support All beings on Earth to Live effectively without ever having to fear for their survival, which will completely transform the way we experience ourselves on earth, from that of a ticking clock, trying to get in as much survival as we can until we die, to that of a living breath, where we’ll all equally be able to discover Life for real as ourselves as we will no longer be motivated by fear to remain within our heads thinking about how we can survive

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