Day 102: Deconstructing the "I worked HARD for MY MONEY" Character

Today we’re looking at the ‘I worked HARD for MY money’ character. It sounds a little something like this:

I worked HARD for MY money.

I’ve devoted MY life to supporting MY family and getting to this point where I am able to PROVIDE them with a GOOD LIFE.

It hasn’t been EASY.

And now you’re proposing that we CHANGE everything, and just GIVE everyone what they need???
That is UNFAIR to ME. Because I worked HARD for MY money. All those years of work, of struggle, to finally achieve SUCCESS. Why should someone get the SAME QUALITY of life that I HAVE EARNED, without WORKING HARD like I DID??? You do not have the RIGHT to ROB me of MY REWARD for MY years of HARD WORK to get where I am today.

Don’t you understand?? MY LIFE will have meant NOTHING! All those years of HARD WORK will mean NOTHING if you now GIVE everyone the SAME as I HAVE!!! It’s just NOT FAIR!!
FUCK YOU and your EQUALITY. People should have to WORK HARD for their WHOLE LIFE to get the NICE THINGS. Because that’s what I HAD TO DO.

I will NEVER support an Equal Money System. You just want to reward LAZY people for doing NO WORK!!

Half the world in poverty you say? WHATEVER – they’re in developing countries, their economies are still developing. That’s just the way the world works. I’m THANKFUL for what I HAVE, and I HAVE my OWN LIFE and my OWN FAMILY to WORRY ABOUT. What I am doing is HONORABLE. I am PROVIDING MY FAMILY with a SECURE FUTURE. I am making sure MY CHILDREN will MAKE IT in this world.

Don’t you understand? If people don’t have to WORK HARD for the MONEY, they won’t do anything!!! WE NEED FEAR to MOTIVATE us!! WE NEED the DESIRE FOR MONEY to MOTIVATE US!!

DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?? Without the FEAR of POVERTY, we will all just lay down and DIE!!

What’s that? You say we can just ‘Move Ourselves’ to produce food, technology, goods, and provide services like health care for each other for FREE because when we Give to each other then we All Receive the Best and no one will ever FEAR losing what they Have?
I don’t understand what you are saying to me. Are you some kind of COMMUNIST? SHUT UP!!

EQUALITY will NEVER WORK because we are NOT EQUAL. Capitalism is NATURAL, because in nature only the STRONG SURVIVE. It’s a SCIENTIFIC FACT.

What’s that? You say that it is ‘Best for All’ for everyone to be GIVEN a Dignified LIFE from BIRTH to DEATH, without first having to WORK HARD for the MONEY??? WRONG. NO ONE can say they know what’s BEST for ALL. You’re just being ARROGANT.

What’s that? You say that we should just produce ONLY the BEST of EVERYTHING and just GIVE it to each other, and that when we have EQUAL ACCESS to the BEST of EVERYTHING then CRIME won’t exist?? WRONG. There will ALWAYS be CRIMINALS. Some people are just BAD.
Your ‘EQUALITY‘ system is FLAWED because even if everyone has EVERYTHING they could EVER NEED OR WANT for a GREAT LIFE, people will still STEAL STUFF. What are you stupid?? People don’t STEAL and commit CRIMES because they don’t have the same opportunities as ME, they STEAL and commit CRIMES because they are BAD PEOPLE that want to CHEAT. ANYONE can WORK HARD LIKE ME and EARN MONEY like I DID.

What’s that? You say there are millions of children living in garbage dumps that don’t have access to education or jobs and have no choice to live as they do? WRONG. All you have to do is PUT YOUR MIND TO IT and you can ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING. Don’t you understand? All a STARVING CHILD has to do is decide to WORK HARD FOR THE MONEY like I DID, and they can live a comfortable life like ME.

What’s that? You say the system is not designed to give everyone the same opportunities and ALLOWS POVERTY because Capitalism NEEDS LACK TO EXIST so that some people can CAPITALIZE on and PROFIT from the NEEDS of others? What’s that? You say that the resources Given FREELY by the EARTH are STOLEN by a few so that they can EXPLOIT and ENSLAVE others? WRONG. Um….You’re just WRONG okay?!!?

Don’t you understand that the way the world works is that you get an education, find a job, earn money, so you can provide for your family and buy things and be happy?? It’s doesn’t matter that 30,000 children DIE every DAY of starvation and illness because they DON’T HAVE MONEY because there IS NO EDUCATION and NO JOBS — it is NOT MY PLACE OR YOUR PLACE to INTERFERE in other people’s BUSINESS!!! STOP TRYING TO PLAY GOD!! GOD IS GOD!!! GOD HAS A PLAN!!! GOD’S PLAN IS FOR ME TO WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY AND THEN RETIRE AND DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN!!! DON’T YOU DARE FUCK WITH GOD’S PLAN!!!

What’s that? You say it is SPITEFUL to care only about MY LIFE??? Well FUCK YOU!!! I WORKED HARD FOR MY MONEY!!! I don’t want ANY PART of your Equal Money System!!! MY LIFE IS MINE!!! I EARNED IT FAIR AND SQUARE!!! I don’t want a world where everyone lives like a millionaire and no part of Life is Neglected!!! I don’t want a world where I don’t have to WORK my WHOLE LIFE!!! I want a world where I am FORCED to WORK to SURVIVE and DRIVEN by the HOPE of making it RICH so I can have MORE than ANOTHER!!! That’s REAL HAPPINESS!!! Don’t you understand??? Life is ALL ABOUT WINNING!!! I don’t want a world where only the BEST products are made and GIVEN EQUALLY to ALL!!! I want a world where I can WORK HARD for MY MONEY and BUY something that is BETTER than what someone else has!!! I want to be the WINNER!!! I want to experience having WEALTH!!!!

……Okay. Now that we can all see what an absolute waste of space this character is, we’ll delete it through walking Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Commitment Statements starting with my next post.

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