Day 104: I worked HARD for MY Money Character: Self Commitment Statements

I commit myself to show that  just because I worked hard for the money I have now, does not entitle me to the right to preserve my current situation of ‘ownership’ of my life, at the expense of allowing capitalism / poverty / starvation to continue existing
I commit myself to show how just because I was able to work hard and earn money and have a nice life, does not mean that all 7 billion people on the planet have the exact same opportunity and that half the world in poverty proves this
I commit myself to remind myself that I worked hard for my money because I had no choice because I was forced to work to survive, and that no matter how much I’ve accomplished / earned now, it is not worth accepting and allowing a world where basic living needs must be competed for in an unequal system of jobs, where if you can’t find a job you’re screwed and will not have a nice life, or may die of starvation or kill yourself because of too much stress from too much debt
I commit myself to show that it is really really really really not unreasonable to have a system where everyone’s quality of life is equal — and that to claim that equality is unfair only indicates a person of extreme social dysfunction who believes it is okay and acceptable to feel good about having more than other people
I commit myself to show that people who have ‘worked hard for their money‘ do not have the right to hoard resources for themselves and exist in their own bubble, because they do not own what the earth has provided for free – ownership was created by human beings and has been the foundation for the creation of a dysfunctional relationship between humans, animals, and nature
I commit myself to show that with an Equal Money system where I no longer have to fear losing what I have, I will be able to move beyond my resentment of other people having the same quality of life as me without having had to ‘work hard’ like me, because I will have the support to enjoy life and explore the world and pursue my true passion — and to deny such an opportunity just because I don’t want to see others get what I have, indicates that I have no interest in actually living and expressing myself, as I only care about feeling like I am a winner
I commit myself to show that actually only lazy people would refuse to put in the hard work of creating a world that is best for all Life, in spite of enough people existing on earth who have accumulated enough resources and money to stand together as a group and pool their resources towards the development and implementation of a new system
I commit myself to, when and as I hear the words ‘Equality’ and ‘Equal Money System’, to stop within myself, and take note of the words and reactions that arise within me like ‘communism’, and ‘unfair’, and ‘lazy people’, and to realize that these reactions and words do not indicate that I understand Equal Money, and that if I am truly a ‘responsible hard worker’, I will do the work of researching Equal Money, as a responsible person on Earth would obviously want to make sure that the only system that exists on earth is the best system possible for all beings on Earth

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  1. I can't begin to express how affirming it is to read such conviction. I feel alone in my intentions to spread a parallel message. 60,000 die of preventable means daily. Many subscribe to their survival in the face of hardship as the definition of success. No one accepts AND acts upon our obligation to create a world in which everyone recieves the basic necessities of life. I cannot relish in my resources/luxuries because I know there is a child that is dying of starvation as I write. Continue your efforts to inform. I applaud your insight and conviction.


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