Day 106: Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Part 2

“I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts”

So, in my last post we saw how this ‘you’ that we’re apparently ‘keeping in our thoughts’ – is not actually a person, a being – but is just memories / pictures. And, the memory / picture seems like ‘more’ than just a picture – why? Because we have feelings and emotions connected to the memory / picture, and for some reason we believe that because we have feelings and emotions connected to a picture ‘of someone’ in our minds, that we are actually ‘experiencing’ the person when we are ‘keeping them in our thoughts’ when obviously our feelings and emotions are based on our own individual ideas / values / judgments about people thus showing that we are only experiencing our own Mind.

What our memories and feelings and emotions in our own minds shows us is that we don’t have a real physical relationship with another physical being as part of the Earth, here together in this Reality — we have a Mental Relationship – where the physical body of the other person merely stands as a physical ‘prop’ that fuels the mental / emotional / feeling experience we have toward someone – in our own mind. So when someone we know gets sick and could die – we actually fear to lose the mental experience of the mental relationship we have with someone in our own Mind, because we’ve defined ourselves – our stability, our self expression, to be dependent upon the continued existence of this other physical body to substantiate our mentally experienced mental relationship with the person.
For a more detailed look at how this works, read the following blogs at Creation’s Journey to Life:

So, the point to look at within this is that the emotional / mental grief / disturbance that arise when someone we know gets sick and may die, is indicating that we are not actually Keeping / Caring for our Brothers / Sisters as as other Physical Beings as parts of the Earth within this One Physical Reality that we Share as a Whole – but that we are only Keeping / Caring for the immediate Physical Relationships in our world that Substantiate / Fuel an individual Mental Experience that we’ve defined ourselves according to. Because I mean, thousands and thousands of other Human Beings die every day, and Millions and Millions and probably Billions and Trillions of animals, plants, and microscopic Beings die every day – the animals and plants we eat, the insects we step on, etc, etc, etc – but when these other beings die, do we feel anything? Do we grieve and mourn for them? Do we keep each human, animal, and plant that gets ill and dies each day, each moment – ‘in our thoughts’? Obviously not. So, this just again shows that we only actually have a problem with death / illness in another being if it potentially could threaten our individual, daily mental experience of thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories.

How can we be our Brother’s Keepers if we value / care about only the immediate relationships which substantiate our individual experiences of thoughts, emotions and feelings as our individual Self Definitions? How can we claim that emotions and feelings indicate Life, when our emotions and feelings clearly only indicate individual self interest / self definitions that do not include the Equal Consideration of All Life on Earth?

To continue in Part 3

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