Day 108: Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Part 4: Self Forgiveness Continued

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the function of my relationships with people in my world is to validate / substantiate the character I see myself as in my mind, which I spent years creating, and that thus when these relationships end through for example the death of a person, my character becomes upset — and this shows that I have never been here as the Real, Constant, Stable Physical Character here with and as my Human Physical Body as Part of the Earth, but have been in my mind in an alternate reality in which the world actually revolves around my character – where instead of seeing that I am Part of the Earth – Part of the Whole, and thus existence is not all about ‘me’ –  I see myself as my mind character alone, where ‘my character’ is the whole of my existence, and within this seeing everyone as either part of My Character, or not – and thus when someone far away in a distant land dies of starvation, I don’t feel anything toward that person, because they do not play a role in substantiating me as my mind character experience

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that currently human beings with money and the ability to make a difference in this world value their character above Life – as is shown in how human beings don’t even question the abusive, unequal money system, because as long as they can make enough money to keep their relationships in place to validate  / support their character = everything is fine apparently; Life is Good! Which shows how the Human has defined life as ‘me feeling good, and having my character supported’ — in complete separation of Life, where nothing outside of the individual’s character support relationship structure is valued / considered / stood up for, as is shown in how at the same time a person with money and stable relationships is saying ‘Life is Good’, life is incredibly BAD and HORRIFIC for millions and millions of other beings around the world — and yet the person with stable income and immediate relationships in place to support / validate their character – is completely undisturbed by the fact of the extensive suffering of other beings — only becoming disturbed when one of the relationships which supports / validates their character comes under threat

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that we are all Equal in being Here, in this Physical Reality, and we all have a Mind through which we create ideas, definitions, values — and that the only reason we are not Living as Equals – Caring for each other as Equals, is because we have become lost in the interest of preserving experiences within our minds created through ideas, definitions, and values which has become the basis of our relationships with each other — creating an energetic alternate reality in our minds that revolves around our mind character where we see each other only in terms of whether a person / being supports the character of our mind experience we’ve defined ourselves as, or not – where we see brotherhood / family as only that which plays a role in supporting our individual character of Mind experience, instead of seeing brotherhood / family as All that is Here in and as this Physical Reality as Earth

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see that the mind character as thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, beliefs, is a limited experience dependent on others validating / substantiating my character which is why human beings become so ‘attached’ to people in their immediate world / family / circles of friends — while the physical character as the physical human body that is part of the physical reality and does not exist as a mind experience, does not require others to substantiate / validate its existence

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that I do not have to exist within constant fear of losing my relationships, because I can deconstruct my self definitions as a mind character, to see where / when / how I desire / expect / want / need others to say certain things, be a certain way, do certain things which confirm / validate my self definitions, and I can release myself from these self definitions / needs / wants / desires / expectations through Self Forgiveness – Forgiving myself as the Physical Character that is Here as my Physical Body, breathing, stable, part of the Whole as the Physical, for accepting and allowing myself to separate myself from Physical Reality into and as a limited mind experience dependent on others to substantiate / validate it

In the next post we’ll continue with additional Self Forgiveness.

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