Day 109: Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Part 5: Self Commitment Statements

I commit myself to show that the world does not revolve around me – but that the world revolves around Life – and that thus our relationships with each other must revolve around what is Best for all Life if we are to have any real Revolutionary Change in this world

I commit myself to show that the only Valid Relationships between Human Beings on Earth are those that Physically Support and Substantiate Life Equally in All Beings, as the Earth provides Support that is supposed to Substantiate the Family of Life in all its forms on Earth and that if we have Real Family Values we will make sure our Relationships are based on the Agreement to Honor our Mother Earth and be the Keepers of Life as All our Brothers and Sisters

I commit myself to show how to Live within Real Family Values as the Family of Life, we would Value all Life Equally, and would not Judge some to be ‘special’ and ‘more worthy’ of support simply because we happened to give birth to them or live on the same street

I commit myself to show that Family as it is defined currently, goes against Family Values of Life, as Family currently exists as the programming of children to support / validate the accepted Self Interest / Mind Characters of the Parents generation – which is proven through generation after generation of humans that accept and allow poverty, starvation, famine, war, greed, through being taught to apply / live the same justifications / reasons / excuses / beliefs used by the parents as to why it is ‘normal’ and ‘unchangeable’ for Life to be abused and neglected — perpetuating a Dysfunctional Earth Family

I commit myself to show how the Family of Life is visibly Here as the Physical Reality that requires Physical Support — and that any Value system that is not based in Supporting all Physical Life Equally, is an abusive value system

I commit myself to show that when we all Keep to what is Best for the entire Physical Family of Life, then Fear will be Kept Out of Reality

I commit myself to deconstruct my relationships with family and friends through walking a process of writing in Self Honesty to uncover all the points of Self Interest as Mental Experiences that I seek to have substantiated / supported by others — so that I can see all the points where I create the fear to lose relationships – in seeing that what I actually Fear is the loss of my Mental Experience that requires others to support and substantiate it

I commit myself to Substantiate myself Here as a Physical Being, as part of the Family of Life, and implement a New System on Earth that Keeps All our Brothers and Sisters Fed. Investigate Equal Money

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