Day 112: What is the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is all about aligning oneself with one’s desires, getting oneself into a state of ‘allowing’ one’s desires to manifest in one’s life – focusing on what one wants, what one desires, as though it already exists, feeling like it’s already manifested — within the idea that one’s desires are in essence sending out a ‘request’ to the universe / source to have that desire fulfilled / manifested, and that the only reason one does not have one’s desires manifest in one’s life is because one is not aligned with the ‘allowance’ of the desire to be delivered by the universe into one’s life. This ‘non allowance’ is defined by, for example saying to oneself ‘I wish I could get that job’, or ‘I wish I would get a raise’, or ‘I wish I could get that car I want for a good price’, or ‘I hope I’ll be able to attend that lecture / concert / show I want to see’, or ‘I wish I could meet the perfect mate’, or ‘I want to feel bliss’, or ‘I want to be happy’. The idea is that when one is participating in thoughts like this, one is actually preventing these things from manifesting in one’s life, through accepting that it ‘does not already exist’ — sending out the ‘vibration’ of ‘it does not already exist’ — and that the universe thus cannot ‘send me what I want’ because I’m not aligned with a vibration of ‘allowing’ my desire / want to manifest / be sent to me by the universe.

Within this, the message of the LOA is that Choice – the choice between Positive and Negative – the choice to allow or not allow one’s desires to manifest, is the key to how our lives are being created. The ‘positive choice’ is to be in a state of ‘vibrational alignment‘ with one’s desires – which will then ‘attract’ positive experiences / circumstances into one’s life, while the ‘negative choice’, is to be in a state of ‘vibrational alignment’ with the absence / lack of one’s desires – which will then ‘attract’ more and more lack, unhappiness, difficult circumstances.

Further within this, it is thus explained that suffering, difficulty, struggle throughout the world is solely caused by the ‘choices’ being made by beings, to ‘attract the negative’, and that we are here on Earth to experience the Contrast between ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ choices because we have ‘free will’   and that we are in a time where more people are ‘waking up’ to realize they are the creators of their reality, and realizing that they can create a ‘positive reality’ through making ‘positive choices’, and that by standing as an example of ‘attracting my desires’ through making ‘positive choices’ — we can show those who are suffering that all they have to do is ‘change their choice’ to that of ‘allowing their desires to manifest’, to change their reality. And within this, one’s desires are seen as some kind of divine guidance to what is always best, and that thus when everyone learns to be in vibrational alignment with their desires, we’ll apparently have a really great world.

To continue in the next post.

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