Day 126: The American City where 1 in 2 people live in Poverty

Homeless and hungry: Sobering images of Camden, New Jersey, expose the poverty plaguing the United States’ most destitute city
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In the town of Camden, New Jersey, 1 in 2 people live in poverty. 32,000 of Camden’s 77,000 residents are officially ‘struggling to survive’. A lack of jobs is cited as the reason for the poverty level, which has resulted in high crime rates with 48 murders this year.
“Joblessness has been a feature of life in Camden since the city lost most of its manufacturing base in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.”

America is supposed to be a ‘developed’ country, with a ‘developed economy’, where the ‘free market’ enables ‘everyone’ to become rich if they just put their mind to it. But, the city of Camden, New Jersey is part of america, is part of the ‘free market system’, part of the ‘developed economy’, and almost half its population lives in poverty, with no jobs available. How can you hope to succeed if there are no jobs available and you can’t afford to move to a different city and if you don’t even have enough education to really understand how the system works and you have to depend on charity to survive?

How can we call ourselves a ‘developed’ country when the issue of unemployment due to a lack of actual jobs existing, is one of the priority problems throughout the entire country that the government is always trying to ‘solve’?

How can we call it the ‘United States’, when each state, each city is not in fact United within a system that is Equally effective for every person? Where we are Divided through different standards and qualities of education, and more or less job opportunities available from city to city, state to state?

When we look at ‘third world / developing’ countries in Africa and see the extreme poverty and violence, and say to ourselves ‘well, what they need is an effective free-market economy like we have in America / Europe, etc’ — why do we ignore the fact that our own ‘developed’ economy actually doesn’t work?

The Earth provides enough resources, and we have sufficient technology to provide everyone in the world with a dignified, comfortable life. Research the Equal Money System to understand how we can Unify the world through a system that ensures everyone has a dignified life, and everyone can contribute to what is best for the whole world.

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