Day 136: Awareness and the Identification with Thought – Part 6 – Self Commitment Statements

I commit myself to, as this ‘observing presence’ which I have experienced as ‘enlightenment’, challenge myself to stand in the shoes of those on Earth who suffer the worst conditions of abuse and neglect, and allow myself to actually care about them, and to let go of the fear of ‘being negative’ — because how can it be negative to truly care about others and insist we have a world where everyone is supported and abuse is not allowed?

I commit myself to ask myself if I can truly say that being an observing presence, merely living out my life in a state of observation and acceptance of what is, is my fullest potential as a being

I commit myself to do some study of economics at the Economist’s Journey to Life Blog, to face the reality of the actual System that determines who lives and who dies on Earth, and to let go of the ridiculous idea that if I were to study and educate myself as to how the world works, and the nature and extent of abuse that takes place, that I would be ‘trying to control reality’, and would be of ‘Ego’

I commit myself to show that a message that claims to be of enlightenment and awareness, that suggests that it is ‘negative’ to focus on / pay attention to the suffering and abuse of other beings on Earth, is obviously a message of self interest — a message of ‘I don’t want to see or hear or be aware of anything that does not make me feel good’

I commit myself to show that the spiritual message that says ‘don’t focus on the problems in the world, just accept what is’, would obviously most highly benefit the interests of those who use and abuse the earth for profit – as it would result in a population that ignores abuse

I commit myself to show that Awareness starts with becoming aware of my actual Starting Point of myself — which would either be that which can stand eternally before all Life, as that which honors all Life – in recognition that Life is the only real Value in existence, or that which cannot stand eternally before all Life in Honor of Life, as that which has excluded / denied Consideration of the parts of Life that are not convenient to one’s Self Interest

I commit myself to show that the experience of bliss / joy / happiness as this ‘calm, observing presence’, is not the ‘natural state’ — as it has been conditioned / programmed by knowledge and ideas

I commit myself to show that the ‘natural state’ is to be here as Breath – without any positive or negative experience or any assumption or idea about the afterlife – as breath is a constant, stable, Physical point that does not exist as energy and does not require any study of any spiritual knowledge or practice

I commit myself to ask myself if I am Living as a Breath, in Awareness of what’s going on on Earth, in the Physical Reality, or am I living as a Mind – in ‘My’ reality that excludes consideration of what’s going on in the Physical reality, in favor of considering only ideas and knowledge and makes ME feel good?

I commit myself to ask myself if I am living fully in each moment of Breath, in support of the creation of a world that is best for all life on earth and ends abuse

I commit myself to show that it is normal to to NOT accept a world of abuse – and that is is definitely NOT normal to Accept a world of Abuse

I commit myself to show that to not Accept abuse, does not mean I am Judging — it means I Care about Life

I commit myself to show that the time has come to bring an end to the practice of a spirituality that has in every way Failed to create Heaven on Earth for All — because, isn’t that what Earth should be? I mean, isn’t it really Negative and Spiteful and of total EGO to insist that the Earth can only be a ‘training ground’ where we ‘learn how to be positive and accept what is’ — through learning to accept and feel good about abuse and suffering? Isn’t it a massive statement of EGO to say — those who suffer do so by choice, and have chosen to suffer to teach ME, the fortunate person with money, how to accept what is and feel good!

I commit myself to show how even though a spiritual person will not be able to deny that they require money – a job – to be able to support themselves to do ANYTHING in this life, they will deny that we need a new economic system that supports all Life — they will say that to claim we need a new system, is EGO, is Judgment, is Negativity, that it is ‘Arrogant’ to want to ‘interfere’ and bring an end to suffering, because we have to ‘honor’ starving and poor people’s ‘choice’ to suffer! But where did this idea come from? God? The actual suffering people themselves? No! It came from the MINDS of the ‘spiritual people’ — it’s MADE UP. But the thing is, if we had a political group that came forward with a solution – a new system that we could implement that would eliminate this kind of suffering – I’m sure every spiritual person would vote for it. I mean, it’s not like spiritual people don’t vote – people vote because they believe that this or that politician has policies that are going to improve people’s lives.

What are we doing at Desteni? Well, instead of looking at things like poverty, the abuse of nature, starvation and famine, and massive waste and abuse perpetrated in the name of profit, and going into our minds to make up stories that justify the existence of these problems, we’re working toward an actual solution in the form of the Equal Money System. And if you go and actually do some research on the website you’ll see — this isn’t that complicated. It is possible to have a different kind of system on Earth. We don’t have to just be these passive observers. But to pull this off, to make this happen — we have to stop the addiction to this ridiculous idea that the only reason we’re here on earth is to learn to ‘feel good’. What about learning to work with the Earth, and with each other, and with the Animals in a harmonious way that is Best for all involved? Isn’t anyone interested in actually Participating on Earth? Why is everyone trying to escape into some other reality, some afterlife, some heaven?

Dare to stop observing and start participating. Dare to face the Possibility that maybe, just maybe – in a world where half the people are in poverty and billions go hungry, and children are abused, and nature is destroyed, and the average person cares more about their new gadget and pretty decorations for their house, than about a solution for those who have Nothing – this is not part of some grand, loving plan set in motion by some cosmic force – but is simply the consequence that has manifested as a result of our Decision as Creators to stand for Self Interest rather than standing together and choosing only that which is Best for Everyone.

Dare to care about life and stand up for a solution and stop accepting and allowing abuse to exist – Dare to stand up and insist that all suffering End forever. Dare to stand in the face of those who would label you ‘negative’ for doing so. Dare to expose Self Interest. Dare to use your Free Choice to Choose to be that which is Best for All. Dare to face what is Here in the Physical Reality in every moment of Breath.

Dare to realize that you do not have to be moved by energy as feelings and emotions / positive and negative. Dare to Decide to Stop waiting for enlightenment, ascension, the afterlife. Dare to understand how the mind actually works at Desteni I Process and Eqafe. Dare to stand for a dignified life for all at Equal Money.

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